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My Current Make Up Routine

I do not have a nice vanity to display my make up.

I typically do not wear a lot of make up. I only really wear it for work and if I'm going out with my hubby on the weekend. I do not wear any make up at all on Sundays to give my face a break. Whenever you see me in my photo shoots, I'm also make up free. That said, my make up is pretty expensive. It took me years to find what works for me and now that I'm pretty happy I just stick to the same routine and only buy replacements when I run out of something.

That said, how do I go from looking like this? 

To this?

I definitely prefer the natural look. The main differences between the before and after are the eyebrows and glasses. I also happen to look way more alert in the after photo. I look kind of tired and dazed in the before photo! 

First step is moisturize. I use one pump of Guerlain Oxygen Care Moisturizer and a small dab of Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer. I blend the two with my fingers and cover my entire face. I found the Guerlain on its own feels a little drying on my skin but mixing a dab of the Clique moisturizer made it more creamy. I should add that I do not use primer. Primer makes my skin feel weird like I'm covering it up with plastic. 🤷

After the moisturizer sets for a minute or so, I use a Beauty Blender to apply Guerlain Baby Glow all over my face. It's a sheer liquid foundation that evens out my skin tone without looking caked on. For acne or dark spots I use Cle de Peau's concealer stick. My skin is on the dry side and the concealer stick can sometimes leave it a bit patchy. I do not 100% recommend it unless you naturally have dewy skin. I'm actually in the market to find a new concealer. I've had this one for a couple of years. It works okay, but I think I can find something a little better. I'm not 100% happy with it. 

Guerlain Baby Glow - I use medium.
Cle de Peau Concealer- I use beige.

After that, I set the make up with Guerlain's Pearl Powder. I am too cheap to buy the case so I just use it straight out of the plastic case it came in. 🤣 I use Hourglass Powder Brush number 1. The brush is super soft and fluffy. I highly recommend it. Sometimes if I am feeling a bit blah, I will use Cle de Peau's Luminizing Face Enhancer for a bit of luxury pampering. It's quite expensive and it's not a huge difference visually, but sometimes feeling pampered is therapeutic and it makes me feel better. I will use it along my cheek bones and swipe it over my eyebrows.

For my eyes I do not use any eyeliner. I'm not very good with make up and will generally use whatever is easiest for me. I found Laura Mercier's Caviar Eye Shadow Sticks to be fast and easy to use. My go to is grey pearl. I cover my entire lid with it and then I'll use one of my other Caviar Sticks as a eyeliner. Or if I'm feeling very Carrie Bradshaw I'll dab a bit of Chanel's Cream Eyeshadow at the center of the lid for some glitter sparkles. Before I tattooed my eyebrows, I used to use Anastasia's Brow Wiz pencil everyday. 

Anastasia Brow Wiz - I used medium brown

For a smokey fall palette I'll bust out my Tom Ford's Cream and Powder Black Oyster and Chanel's Illusior. Both are old. I probably need new ones at this point!

Lastly, I'll apply mascara if I really want to go all out. I do not use mascara everyday. If there's important meetings going on or I'm going on a hot date I will apply mascara. Otherwise if it's a boring old day I'll skip it. I dislike having to curl my short asian lashes because it doesn't hold for one thing! After a couple of hours my lashes just go back to their stubborn straight position. I use a Shiseido Eye Lash Curler and at the moment I am using Guerlain's Volumizing & Curling mascara or YSL Volume mascara. I really don't have a favorite mascara. I kind of just go by pretty packaging! I also love getting trial size mascaras from Sephora for $10 a pop. 

That's pretty much what I use! I do not use lipstick. I have a bunch of Tom Ford lippies, but honestly they just sit and are covered in dust. The one I used the most is a Soleil Lip Foil. However, I do use Fresh's Sugar Lip Moisturizer all the time. Whenever I use it I sing in my head, "Lips like sugaaaaar, sugar kissssessssss." Echo and the Bunnymen!

That's it for me. Have a great Monday!


  1. Thank you for sharing your make up products - you got some really nice ones! I am getting into luxe make up after following Michele Wang's youtube channel. My collection is small but growing. Love Guerlain meteorites and bronzer, Cle de Peau tinted moisturizer, Tom Ford eye shadows... My most recent purchase is Chantecaille SE highlighter and bronzer duo. It is a slippery slope but so much fun at the same time.

    1. I haven't tried Cle de Peau's tinted moisturizer. But I'm pretty happy with what I'm using now... do love CdP though. I have a bunch of Tom Ford eye shadow quads, but lately have not touched them because I'm always in a rush in the mornings. Powder eye shadow always takes me a long time to do. I have Tom Ford's highlighter bronzer duo as well. But I think it works better in the fall than summer. It can get expensive!

  2. Thank you for this post. I’ve never liked putting on make up but now that I’m getting older, I definitely need something to mask my skin imperfections. :)

    I have rosacea so sunscreen is a must and having to reapply it a few times a day, I normally don’t wear foundation. I usually just put on some loose powder over the sunscreen which honesty doesn’t give much coverage. I’m thinking of trying the Guerlain Baby Glow and wonder what color you’re using (I’m Asian too). Not sure if it’s easy to reapply sunscreen over it though. Any thoughts?

    Would you mind sharing a picture of yourself wearing the Laura Mercier's Caviar Eye Shadow Stick in Grey Pearl? Would love to see how it looks on you. Thanks!

    Honestly I think you look very pretty without any make up. Sometimes less is more! :)


    1. I agree, at 37 I am seeing some sun spots which is why I started wearing make up too!

      Maybe try Cle de Peau's tinted moisturizer? It has SPF 50. I read some reviews on it and it seems to be a little thicker to apply. Baby glow is very thin and sheer with only 25 SPF.
      Here's the link.

      I would go with Ocher or Ivory depending if you have darker or lighter asian skin. For Baby Flow I use medium. It runs light. I would try to find a foundation with high SPF included so you don't have too many layers on.

      Sure I'll try and get a picture of the grey pearl on my lids this weekend and will update this post with it.

      Aw thank you! I appreciate that. I am usually fine with just wearing Baby Glow and some powder. Definitely at least need the SPF everyday.


    2. Thank you for your advice and suggestions! Really appreciate it!

      My Westie used to be terrified by fireworks and would shake like a ieaf. Now that he could hardly hear (he will be 15 in two months), he just sleeps right through. Guess that’s the only good thing about going deaf!

      No rush re the eye shadow picture. Take care and have a wonderful July 4th! :)


    3. Andrea- The kittnes weren't too bad with the fireworks. Nero is also deaf so was fine with it. One of the kittens either Ash or Flash initially threw up so that made me a little worried and I didn't give them their wet food for dinner that night!


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