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Upload! May 8th 2018

This is the last push for Mother's Day and there's a lot of red ruby wine. I guess most mother's drink wine after a long day of work/kids? I don't drink myself but this is what I always hear from many of my friends who are moms. Only thing I want from this upload is the FTBW bra in ruby wine. There's a ton of swim items but I didn't bother adding them to my post. I'm a huge fan of Speed Up Shorts but wasn't crazy about any of the infinity prints.

Anything for you tonight? Let me know!

(Love this tank, but I don't think I need this color)

(This is a really pretty red)

(Another pretty pink!)

(This is not my style, and not very zen at all! LOL)

(I think I might need this bra)


  1. Nothing for me! I love the colors available in pants like the rose and blue aligns but I usually just stick to dark neutrals for pants so I know I won't get much wear.

  2. I’m debating the Ahead by Miles in Ruby Wine and the olive Lean In tank. I have both in all previous colors and find them pricey but worth it for as much as I wear them. I also love the new red Harbor tote but trying to find a reason why I need another bag lol


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