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Upload! May 22nd 2018

Loving all the rose blush colors Lululemon is offering these days. The most exciting thing about tonight's upload is the Align Pant in smoked mulberry. I love this color. It's in my cart, but I would have to hem these if I got them. Loving the totes in quicksand but neither one is perfect so I'm holding out for now. Not that I need a tote anyway...

Anything for you tonight? I'm still debating a few things in my cart.

(love this tote in quicksand but I think the straps are too long for me)

(The length of this strap is better for me but I am not a fan of the weird zipper situation)


  1. I love the Mulberry color in the aligns! How do aligns wear for you? Do they hold up? I've never bought any because of the negative reviews yet I hear a lot of praise as well. Hopefully that color comes out in other fabrics too. (:
    I got the It's a Tie Tank in Figue a size up and it works but it's not as fitted as my usual when I do the wrap around. I'm petite and the shoulder straps gape a little at the lats when I tie it in the front. Still love the style in a looser fit tho!

    1. I have 5 pairs of Aligns. They hold up pretty well but I will admit I do not use them for workouts. I wear them as lounge wear or casual outfits on the weekend. If you did workout in them I think they will pill faster. I love wearing them just because of how comfy they are. And Yes I did order them in the mulberry color. I hope I love them when they arrive! If so I'll get them hemmed.
      I'm going to the store tomorrow and will see if they have the tie tank for me to try on.

    2. Thanks so much for your thorough reply! (: I see. I’m tempted to try a pair. If I ever do I’ll let you know in one of your posts! I love all these dusty berry colors. I have some bolder berries from older lulu days like bruised berry CRB and some cranberry Wunder under crops (when they were still $72?... sigh). And I think it’ll be so fun to match with this muted palette.

    3. Yes when I first got into Lulu the WU were $72 but went up pretty soon after. =(


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