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WMTM Update!

Happy Friday the 13th! I feel like we haven't had one of those for a while now. Also haven't posted about a worthy WMTM in a long time. Here are my picks!

By the way, I have some reviews coming up soon. I'm crossing my fingers we get some decent sun so I can take some photos this weekend.

(I have this in racerback and love it)

(Does anyone have this tank? I'm tempted to try it)

(I have this bra, it fits a little bit tighter than my other ones) 

(Kind of wish I wore long sleeve tops, I would get this if I did)

(This is more of a top than a jacket it seems)

(Love the color on this one)

(For $39 I'm kind of tempted)

(I definitely prefer the Speed Up Shorts over the Hotty Hots)

Check out the rest of the sale!


  1. I loved the Move with Ease jacket for that very reason! It’s a thin, soft top that I can quickly zip off and now that it went on sale, I bit on it in 3 colors.

  2. I have the cinch it tank that I bought last year. It's super flattering. I'm petite like you and like that I can adjust the length to suit what I'm wearing.

    1. Hmmm is it true to size? My normal size 4 is sold out. I wear a 4 in Swiftly tanks.


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