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Upload! April 10th 2018

I have a bunch of tanks in my cart today. Round Two Tank, Sculpt Tank and Essential Tank. I'm in a summery mood. Too bad it's still chilly in Atlanta. A lot of items in the new jasmine white print. I don't usually do white but I am liking this one.

What did you think of tonight's upload? Get anything?

(this looks like it could be potentially really cute!)

(I love that they are releasing more colors in this tank. This one may be too orange for me though)

(This I like a lot though, may order this)

(I kind of really like this too)

(I kind of like this too, but I wonder if it will rip easily since it's so thin)


  1. Hi!

    Have you ever tried anything from Cuyana? The pleat back sweatshirt in particular

    1. No sorry have not! I did look it up though it looks cute in the quartz. I'm guessing even in size XS it would look over sized on us or at least someone as petite as myself.

  2. I’m shorter than you! The lady from customer service says the length of the xs is 21 inches. So it’s not crazy long. And according to the size chart for chest and waist I think the xs is about right. I bit the bullet and ordered it. I can try to Shrink it or wear it with leggings since it’ll prob cover my bum. I’m just so in love with the pleat back. I ordered the quartz. But I wish it came in more colours. If it works out I may want multiple colours!


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