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Meet Ash & Simi!

I've been waiting for Ash & Simi to come home before I shared the good news on my blog. I wasn't 100% sure it was happening until last week. My husband and I still deeply miss Sherlock. His little urn arrived last week and when we transferred his ashes, the two of us just bawled. Sometimes I do think it's a little early for us to be adopting again, but at the same time I know we're giving two other kittens a home.

This is Ash!

Ash is a four month old bombay. He's super friendly and loves to play. He's been playing with all the new toys I got for them. Simi is a little shy and she's six months old. She was bottle fed by an 80 year old grandmother. I'm hoping with a bit of patience she will overcome some of her shyness. The two do play together but most of the time she seems happy to sit by the window.

This is Simi!

She also has these super cute toes.

A little trivia, their names come from a book series I love. Dark Hunters by Sherrilyon Kenyon. Right now the two of them are staying in my toy room filled with Funko Pops. I have them in a large play pen. It's big enough that I can actually sit in there with them if I wanted to. 

The set up.

We leave them in the play pen when we can't supervise them. When I can sit in the room for a long period of time I let them out and they can explore the room and play. The two of them love this orange interactive toy. They also love chasing the laser pointer. Ash is definitely the more playful one of the two though and he will dominate. Even in the animal world the boys are more hyper!

Looking very regal here.

Before leaving the shelter, one of the volunteers thanked us for adopting a black cat. He said it with such sincerity. In the cat world, black cats are the ones who are always left behind. They're overlooked and the last to get adopted. Sometimes they never do find homes. Black cats are seriously some of the most friendly cats I've ever met. They love to be around people and very curious cats. Nero my 19 year old cat is still playful and so easy going. Even at the vet he's calm and doesn't put up a fight. Getting him into the carrier is so easy. We pick him up and put him in front of the carrier and he walks right in. Every single time. He even doesn't mind getting a bath!

This is Nero. He's 19 years old!

Right now Nero knows something is up. He can smell the kittens but he hasn't seen them yet. This is him sitting in front of the door looking very suspicious. He's deaf now so I know he can't hear them. Has to be the smell that's ticking him off. It will be a couple of weeks at least before we let Nero meet the two kittens. We are transferring the smells of the kittens to Nero so he gets used to their scents and vice versa. I think Ash will love everyone. Simi will be the shy one and will probably hide so we will be extra patient with her. Nero will be the grumpy old man so it will take time for him to adjust to two new kittens. These two young teenage cats will be running circles around him! 

We miss you everyday Sherlock. 

 Feel free to follow Ash & Simi on instagram. That's it for me! Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Aww congratulations on the 2 new additions. They are so sweet!! I hope their integration with Nero goes smoothly - I know you guys are going to make it the best positive experience ever. Can't wait to follow their antics!

    1. Thanks! We are taking it very slow with Nero, might be a couple of weeks before they meet. Right now we're transferring their smells to him.

  2. They are so cute! I love the screenshot you posted on you IG of Ash going after Simi’s tail. Hehe!

    1. If you saw that live, it's even more hilarious!

  3. The newbies are gorgeous! I hope Nero welcomes them :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yes they are! Ash is a little tasmanian devil though!

  5. Gah!! The paw pic with the little white toes!!! I’m so happy for you!!!


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