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Athleta Review! Studio Wrap Abyss & Pranayama Wrap Wild Raisin

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sooooo ready for the weekend. Saturday is going to be a big day! Here's my good news that I've been waiting to share, we are going to adopt two kittens from the shelter. We get to bring them home on Saturday!!! I'll have more photos and hopefully new names for them. It's a boy and a girl. Their current names are Beethoven and Suzy Q. Too cute but we will rename.

Anyway! Back to my latest wrap purchases. I love wraps and wear them all the time. Practically everyday. I wear them at home, to work, and even when I go out on the weekends (once the weather gets a little bit warmer here).

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically wear a size PXS or XXS in Athleta.

Love the deep purple which looks really nice against my skin tone. The fabric is super soft as expected. Fit is roomy even in size XXS. I wanted to try this in PXS but they did not have it in stock when I placed my order.

From the back it looks a little shapeless and I wasn't a fan of how it looked in this photo above, so I returned it. I am a little sad, because it looks fab from the front! I'm trying to be really selective about what I keep these days. It has to be perfect or very close to it. For those who are taller than I am, it should work. If I were just a few inches taller it probably wouldn't look so shapeless.

Next up is the Studio Wrap in abyss. I love the Studio Wrap and have 3 others. This is my 4th! I'm not sure why but I am very confident when I put on this wrap. Makes me feel so good and it is super comfortable. Maybe that is why. 

The back looks shorter and much more suited to my petite frame than the Pranayama Wrap.

I also like to push the sleeves up to my elbows and wear it closed with the magnets. The magnets are super cool by the way. They are very strong and sometimes if I'm not paying attention they can stick to random metal things in my office... which makes me laugh and my co workers look at my funny but that's okay, we're all a little weird at the office. 

The sleeves are little long but it honestly doesn't bother me because the fabric is so soft. The color is a deep saturated teal. It's really lovely in person. 

So yes this Studio Wrap is a keeper and I'm so happy with it. I think I'll wear it to work tomorrow! If you're new to Athleta you can receive 20% off your first purchase with my referral link.


Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be in kitten bliss! 


  1. Omg I can’t wait to see the kitties!!! I’m so happy for you!!! You need to kitten overload posts of pictures.

  2. Kitties! show us the kitties!


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