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Fit Review Friday! Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad, Align Crop 21", Define Jacket

Happy Friday everyone! Also how is it March already? This year is going by so fast, I can hardly believe I just completed my second month of Alexia Clark workouts. So far I'm really enjoying them and they're easy on the knees.

                      Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad Persian Blue   
                Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad Persian Blue Size 4

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.
Today I have a couple of reviews for you. First up, Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad in persian blue. I really love this color, but the neck hole is just too tight around my neck. I could barely get my head through the neck hole. Why they designed it this way, I have no idea. On the plus side, I did like the fabric and how airy it felt. I loved the color and it looked great paired with the nebula Align Crops. 

This tank runs true to size, except for the too small neck hole. Next, we have the Align Crops in 21 inches. This was the first time I'm trying on the 21 inches and just like I thought they are too baggy around my ankles. The 19 inch length fit perfectly. The extra 2 inches really make a big difference. It's sad that the 19 inches are being phased out. If I really like a color enough to keep, I will have to get them hemmed. And I did not love the nebula enough to keep. Although looking at these photos now on my laptop, I'm tempted to change my mind on that! 

Baggy ankles, yuck! 

Last but not least, I ordered the vintage grape Define Jacket from WMTM. I'm a sucker for Define Jackets and when I saw the vintage grape on WMTM, I couldn't resist. Initially I was afraid it would be similar to my dusty mauve Define, but I'm happy to announce they are very very different.

Define Jacket Vintage Grape Size 4

Fit is true to size and the color is a dark purple with brown undertones to it. I think it looks great with my skin tone. Definitely looking forward to busting this out on the weekend. 

That's all for me! Hope you have a great weekend!



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