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Athleta Sale!

Did everyone have a nice and relaxing weekend? So Athleta just dumped a whole lot of stuff on in their sale section and I may or may not have placed a giant order which means I'll have a huge review coming up soon! 😂

(I have this in 3 colors and just ordered my 4th. You can check out my review here)

(I have this in silver bells. Here's my review)

(This is on final sale, but for $12.97, why not give it a try? I ordered one)

(I love this and would have ordered it if I was taller)

(I have one of these coming my way)

(This is SOOOOO worth it. I have it in oatmeal and black. Here's my review)

(I have this also. See my review of it here.)

(I've been eyeing this for a long time and decided to order this)

(I really debated getting this but couldn't decide if I should get the XXS or the XS and since it's final sale I decided to pass. It was too risky. Makes me sad because these just look really awesome and badass.)

(Check my review here in navy)

You can also check out the entire sale section. Let me know if you bought anything from the sale. That's it for me tonight, hope you all have a great Monday! 


  1. Bought the luxe hoodie! What a good deal!

  2. I finally bought the luxe hoodie in oatmeal. I sent back the petite and bought the regular instead. I think this year's version is shorter than last year's. It is soooo soft and flattering. I am glad that I bought one. I am also considering a couple of their leggings but they are not on sale yet :(.

    1. I'm so tempted to try the petite version of it. I have the regular in XXS. Is the petite version shorter and wider?

    2. I was about to ask why you didn’t go for the petite sizing instead.

    3. I bought both in XS. Regular is about 1.5" longer in length and noticeably wider in width. I think petite XS should fit close to regular XXS but shorter. I am between 5"1 and 5"2 with a longish torso. Regular is perfect for me and petite is a bit too short.


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