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WMTM Update!

With birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, I find myself wanting a few items from Lululemon's WMTM update. I really want the Define Jacket in vintage grape, but is it too close to dusty mauve? I'm also eyeing the Speed Up Shorts in crystalline. Looks like almost all crystalline items are uploaded on WMTM. Did you happen to snag anything from this sale? Would love to know! It's also halfway through February, how is everyone doing on their challenge for this month? I was doing okay until this week! I ordered a few things from this weeks upload and now I am this close to ordering a couple more items. Also lagging behind in my letting go 28 items challenge. I think I'm only up to 12/28 so far. It's a lot harder than it sounds!

Here are my picks from WMTM:

(I wish I liked to wear vests!)

(I really love these too!)

(I have these in my cart too)

That's it for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Cross your fingers for some sun in Atlanta so I can do a photo shoot!


  1. Hi! I returned the Crystalline Inspire Crops and the Speed Up Shorts. The Inspire crops had a white back and you could see through them and did not feel soft. The speed shorts, I got my regular size of 4 and they were very small and different cut than the other pairs I had. What was made in this print was not good! Probably why they're all on sale. Hopefully better items will come out in Spring.

    1. Oh really!! God to know, thanks Sugaree! Glad I didn't place an order for the Speed Up Shorts. I did however end up pulling the trigger on the vintage grape Define...

  2. I love it when you make purchases , do fit reviews and post frequently.


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