SENI by Fit Rebel! Sakura Panda Full Length

February 4, 2018

This winter has been a really cold one. It's also February which is always the coldest month. I don't know about you guys but I'm so ready for spring! When SENI Fit Rebel contacted me to write a review in exchange for a pair of leggings I immediately jumped at the Sakura-Panda leggings. The print screams spring with the prettiest sakura blossoms and cute baby panda. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms, size PXS in Athleta, size small in Werkshop and in SENI by Fit Rebel size small.

What I love most about SENI by Fit Rebel are the designs. Each featured design is hand painted by Malaysian batik artists. A few other favorites are Fire & Ice, Red Tree, and Jellyfish

I've written about another pair of SENI by Fit Rebel leggings in the past and if you would like to read it, you can do so here. I will reiterate a quick summary for you guys. The rise is regular rise, but they come up to my belly button. The waist band is comfortable and the fabric reminds me of Lululemon's nulux. It feels buttery soft with minimal compression. I was also pleasantly surprised to find these are completely opaque on me. The inside is lined with white and thick enough that I really couldn't see any of my colored underwear in the bend over test. The inseam on these measure 25 inches but as you can see they are very stretchy. 

I am super happy with how comfortable these are and can't wait to wear them again! If full length is not for you, these also come in capri length of 19 inches. Even though this pair was gifted to me, I think I will buy myself a Jellyfish pair. I just can't seen to decide if I should get the capri length or not. Also for a little over $50 I think they're worth it. 

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*Disclaimer: These leggings are gifted to me from Fit Rebel in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Beautiful leggings and they look so good on you. So I’m size 2 in lulu bottoms. This isn’t going to work on me?

    1. Hi Cindy! The size chart says a small fits 2-4 with a waist of 25-27 and hips from 35-37. My waist is 26 and hips are 34-35. If you're much smaller than me it probably will be too big. =(

  2. These are really cute! I have not looked into Seni before, they seem to be a great value.

    1. They are! I love all the bright colors they use too.

  3. Funny, I just ordered my first Sweaty Betty leggings in a jellyfish print!! The SENI ones are pretty too :)

  4. So funny, I just ordered my first Sweaty Betty leggings in a jellyfish print! The SENI print is pretty too!


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