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Review Coach X Keith Haring Rogue 25 & Frame Pouch

A week has gone by and the pain of losing Sherlock is still the same. I've been participating in retail therapy. I purchased these two Coach items since the hearts reminded me of Sherlock's love. Kinda cheesy, but it's true.  For spring 2018, Coach released a few items using Keith Haring's artwork. Keith Haring is an artist from the 80s known for his graffiti style and bold colors. It's an interesting pairing that I think is geared towards the younger crowd. I may not be as young as I once was but I'll always be young at heart.

This frame pouch is made made of super fluffy pebbled leather. The sequins on the heart is made out of leather. It's a very nice nice if you ask me. There's also glitter all around the heart. It's playful and kind of quirky, but I like that. The color is a gunmetal gray metallic.

Two tea roses make up the kiss lock closure.

The inside is lined with soft leather. The card slots are too tight to be functional, but if you place the cards on the inside compartment it works. It will fit a dozen cards or so, plus some cash and receipts. I don't carry coins anymore, but if you had some that should work also.

Tea rose detailing at the sides.

Overall, it's a very high quality piece and I like it a lot. I'm not quite sure I'll keep it because I'm afraid the leather sequins will eventually get caught on other items in my bag and fall off or get damaged. For $175 it's quite expensive, but not as expensive as say my other McQueen card cases. My husband says McQueen all the way. What do you guys think?

The Rogue 25 isn't made of the same leather as the frame pouch, which is disappointing. The tote is made of smooth glovetanned leather. The color is also a metallic blue-gray that's also burnished. 

The leather actually looks and feels quite plastic-y in person. It looks fantastic in the photos but in real life it doesn't feel as high quality as my other Coach 1941 pieces. The bag also has a chemically smell to it which I assume is from being treated with a metallic finish. The inside of the bag is lined with burgundy colored leather. 

 Compared to my black tea rose Rogue, it's just not as nice. I slept on it for a night and decided the next morning I didn't love it enough to keep. For $650 it better be up to my expectations! I'm still thinking about the frame pouch.

It's a cute bag, but it wasn't a must have for me. I'm also eyeing this camera style bag that's a pre-order from Saks. I assume Coach will eventually have it on their website as well. I love the detailing and the color. It's the same color as the tote but the style of the bag makes it look more vintage.

There's also a pink version without the crystals for almost half the price. It even comes with an extra shoulder strap. 

That's all for me! Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend. I'm still waiting for my Lululemon order to arrive. I am anxiously waiting for the so merlot Align Crops and the FTBW bra in quicksand.