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Review Coach Rogue 1941

How is everyone doing so far? I've been thinking about New Year's resolutions and will blog about that next. But first I want to talk about one of my gifts I received for Christmas from my husband.

My husband surprised me with this Coach Rogue bag. I've been looking at it for a while but wasn't sure if I could pull off the size. It's a much bigger bag than any of my current ones I own and it's also very structured. Most of my bags are slouchy.

I've been debating for two weeks if I should keep this or return it.

also wearing BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket -on sale!
(I will have a review up soon) 

Coach actually dropped the price on this bag and it's currently 50% off right now. What I really like about this bag is the suede. It's really super soft suede that I think will eventually break in and slouch nicely.  It's a top handle bag with two shoulder straps that are removable. You can also hook the two straps together and wear it cross body too. However, I'm actually too short for this. It ends up hanging too low on me.  

The inside of the bag has two large pockets on either side and then a main middle compartment that also has a small inside pocket to stash receipts/papers and a kiss lock for coins. Since the outside of the bag is suede, the inside pockets are leather. The main compartment is lined with linen/canvas type material.

Here are a few pictures using the two shoulder straps. From the side, the bag is pretty wide on me. Since it is a structured bag, it sticks out pretty far. This bag is also surprisingly light for it's size. Suede is a lot lighter than if this were glove tanned or pebbled leather.

Verdict?  Even though this bag is large, I was pretty set on keeping it, but then Sherlock ended up at the ER over the weekend and the bill is pretty hefty, thus the bag will be returned to off set the bill. It makes me sad to return this bag but it's for Sherlock. Love him too much and will gladly sell off my bags if it means he will be okay. 

He somehow managed to pull his tail to the point where his vertebrae is off set. I have no idea how this happened. We noticed Friday night he was having trouble walking. He was wobbly and would limp a bit. We were concerned but wanted to see if he would be better the following morning. The next morning he actually looked like he was getting worse so we made the decision to take him to the ER. I'm glad we did because he was in a lot of pain and wasn't able to poop. The doctor said they haven't seen a kitten so young come in with this kind of injury.

He's on pain meds and the doctor put him on strict crate rest for the next 3-4 weeks in order for him to heal. My husband looked up this type of injury and if he doesn't heal properly, they may have to amputate his tail. I hope this doesn't happen! He's such a sweet kitty.

I am worried he's going to go crazy in this crate for 3-4 weeks, but it's for the best. He's going to be miserable. I'm trying to come up with some ideas to alleviate his boredom/restlessness. Maybe move him into the living room where the TV is and put on an 8 hour video of birds or something.



  1. Aww, poor little guy! Hope he heals soon.

    I think the bag is beautiful. I'm a structured rather than slouchy person myself. However, I think you're doing the right thing by putting the kitty above any possessions.

  2. Poor Sherlock!!! Praying that he’s going to make a speedy recovery. Poor little thing. You guys must be worried sick!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Sherlock's injury, hopefully he recovers soon. Good luck. I think TV is a good idea, maybe some David Attenborough programs, he has such a soothing voice.

    1. Thank you! Not a bad idea... will give it a shot.


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