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Lululemon Upload! December 12th 2017

I'm interested in a few things in this upload but I'm not sure if I'll pull the trigger and place an order. I'll sit on it for a little bit. I like the idea of luminosity foil- I'm always attracted to pieces that turn heads. It's not that I like the attention, I like things that are shiny and different like the All That Shimmers Scarf, which would also make a nice luxe Christmas present.

Did you order anything? I've been buying bags again. 😅 I do plan on posting on my newest acquisitions!

(I might order these if they come in the crop version.)

(These are actually kinda tempting me but I think this color actually may wash me out but I have it in my cart)

(I initially liked this when I first saw them but now that I saw all the photos they have the crotch seam. Pet peeve of mine!)

(I'm a sucker for scarves and I really like this one, but $98?!)