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Last Review for 2017! Store Visit Swiftly Racerback and Scuba Hoodie

I can't believe 2017 is coming to an end so quickly. I'll have a best of 2017 post coming up soon along with my Harry Potter trip! 2018 will be exciting because I'm going to start a new fitness routine with some new goals. I kind of took 2017 as an experimental fitness year. I did a little bit of running and tried to mix up my workouts to keep things interesting.

What are your goals for 2018? What would you like to see on this blog? Would love to know your thoughts on this!

This one is a short review. I went to the store to see what was new and tried on this Scuba Hoodie I was eyeing for a while and a new Swiftly caught my eye.

I'm trying on my normal size 2 in Scuba Hoodies. The back and shoulders felt a bit too tight and I find this is usually the case when I'm trying on a printed Scuba instead of a solid color Scuba. I have no idea why this is. Sizing up never works because the hoodie is just too baggy all around. Also the ribbing at the hem when stretched has a lot of white in-between the fabric and it doesn't look good. I definitely passed on this one.

This new Swiftly caught my eye. I swore I wouldn't buy anymore Swiftlys for a while, and for the most part I kept at it. This year I only purchased two other Swiftlys before this one. The color is just so me that I couldn't say no. This is also likely to be my last Lululemon purchase of the year. 

Close up

This color looks great with the frozen flourish Scuba, doesn't it? The Swiftly is medium weight and soft. I think it was just uploaded to the website. Color is called pink paradise. Love it!

 In other news, more items were added to WMTM. Here are my latest picks.

(Now I'm really tempted to get one since the price dropped to $69. Has anyone seen this in person or tried it on? Would love to know your thoughts on this)

See you all in 2018! Have a Happy New Year!


  1. Love both of them on you! I did not even notice the new swiftly color until seeing your post. I definitely will check it out in the store. Maybe it will come out in the LS version. By the way, is it scratch and itchy? I returned the laced black cherry swiftly LS because it is itchy.

    Happy 2018 to you and all your readers!

    1. I did not find this one to be scratchy or itchy. It felt soft and smooth to me. However since it's a tank and not long sleeves, that might be why? I never wear long sleeves anymore, I just get too hot! I stick to SS or tanks mainly.

      Happy New Year!!!

  2. I ordered the Floral Flock scuba in black and ended up returning it in favor of the Radiant Jacket. But then it just went on sale, so I bought it again! It fits just like a regular scuba, but the detailing makes it just a little bit more special. Since I don't see myself ever wearing a non-detailed plain black scuba, I liked this version a lot!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I'm still on the fence. Only because I have so many hoodies that I really don't need anymore!

  3. I got the floral scrub a in Black cherry on MD and I’m in 😍! For $69 it’s a great deal

    1. I bet it is!!! I just have so many hoodies... maybe I can convince myself to get rid of some?


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