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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Girls Everyday Jogger, Cozy Crusier Jogger, Kickin' It Jogger

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so excited for my Harry Potter trip! We are also taking our two kitties with us. The drive is about 7 hours so it shouldn't be too bad, but we'll see. Nero our older cat travels well, should be interesting to see how Sherlock does.

Today I have a few pairs of joggers from Athleta girls up for review. I've been looking for joggers for a long time, but found Lululemon and Athleta to be too long on my short frame. The length just puddles around my ankles. No bueno. Then I found Athleta girl joggers that fit perfectly and the best part? They're half the price!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and wear a size 4 in Lululemon, PXS in Athleta, and a size large in Athleta girls.

Everyday Jogger Size Large

This pair is by far my favorite out of the three I'm reviewing. I've pretty much wear them and throw them in the wash and wear them again. They're super comfy and the fit is so much better than the regular women joggers I've tried on. The price is also hard to beat, I bought these on sale for $37.99. Unfortunately they are sold out on the website. 

The waist band is soft and doesn't pinch or dig in. These are a comfortable mid weight that is perfect for transitional seasons for spring and fall. They're also really great for indoor temperatures in the winter. To be honest I'll probably take these with me when I go to Orlando for the car ride. They are that comfy!

The next pair I ended up returning because I found the fabric to be thin and clingy. I didn't find it too comfortable to wear even though they look great. I love the pockets and the fit of these.

If joggers and leggings had a baby, this would be the outcome. They're like loose fitting leggings if that makes sense at all. I regretfully returned this pair even though they are currently on sale for $37.99!

Next up, the Cozy Cruiser Jogger are exactly that, cozy! They are also super soft. These are also keepers. I love them so much I am stalking the website for them to restock them in gray. These are great for around the house or doing errands. I would even go so far as to say they would also make for some great pajama bottoms. 😂 These are the kind of bottoms you just want to lounge in all day. 

The black pair is currently on sale for $37.99 but larger sizes are sold out. There's a chance they will restock. I'm usually lucky enough that I eventually find my size back in stock.

They have pockets too!

Overall I'm typically a size large in Athleta girls, but sometimes the size large is too small in the hips and waist (it depends on the style) and a size XL fits better, but can be a bit too long in length. In cases like this I usually just pass and wait for something that does fit perfectly. 


If you're new to Athleta you can receive 20% off your first purchase with my referral link.

Quick note before I go, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday, a Merry Christmas and I'll be taking a week off from blogging. I'll be back before the new year with a best of 2017 post and what I'm looking forward to in 2018. 
Cheers from Sherlock!

Yes, I just woke up, how can you tell?

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!