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Christmas Wish List 2017

It's almost that time of the year! Only 5 more days until Christmas. How is everyone doing with their shopping lists? I pretty much have everyone covered. I even had two birthdays this month on top of Christmas gifts. It's always so hectic but it's also nearly over. Once it's over it makes me a little bit sad.

So here's my 2017 wish list. There's actually not a whole lot that I want this year. I guess that's a good thing! But if anyone wants to give me a Lululemon gift card for Christmas I won't complain. 😅

(This actually reminds me a lot of Werkshop's Cherry Blossom print)

(I haven't bought new bras in a while, next year I will def need to stock up on a few)

(I'm kinda digging these and would love to see this in joggers)

(I know it's winter, but I'm still loving this color)

(I may have to stalk the website for a restock in my size)

And even though I am trying super hard not to buy anymore bags right now, I can't seem to stop looking at these Coach bags. At least these are on sale? 

 I would also really like these Ugg boots in stormy gray. 

I still want this suede moto jacket from BlackNYC. I keep hoping it'll go on sale, but so far not in this color.

I've also been playing around with an idea of a faux fur jacket and came across this one at J.Crew girls. Wish I could see it modeled though. There is a review from someone who purchased it in a size 16 and said it looked great. I just don't know about the color!

Of course I would find a super luxe looking one from Anthropologie but it's also $298. Ouch. 

That's all from me! What's on your wish list? Or are you completely full filled?