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Trip to New Orleans!

I'm back! Here is my photo log from my trip to New Orleans. We drove from Atlanta and it took about 7 hours or so. On our way there, we did make a stop in Mississippi.

View from hotel room. Biloxi, Mississippi

This is Nero, our traveling kitty. He's 18 years old!

On Sunday we made it to New Orleans by 1pm and Seaworthy was our first stop for some food. The oysters were so good there.

Oysters at Seaworthy

Seaworthy is such a charming restaurant. I loved the atmosphere and lighting. I took some really great photos and would definitely go back there again. 






After oysters we walked around a bit before going to the airport to pick up my sister and my husband's uncle and his wife.

The first night we had dinner at Tujague's. It was pretty good, but after we went to Cafe du Monde for some beignets. Soooooo good. It is sugary goodness from heaven.

Cafe du Monde

Monday for lunch we went to Royal House for a snack before dinner.

Crab claws at Royal House

Sampler of sorts at Royal House


Andrew Jackson

We walked around a lot and settled on a carriage ride decked out in purple! I don't recall this gentleman's name but he was hilarious. His mule's name is Mother in Law. Oh yes, there were many jokes surrounding that.

Uncle John & Celia posing with the best in New Orleans

Mother In Law

That night we ate at Peche. It was AMAZING! I think the best meal while we were in New Orleans although Cochon came close. The photos in Peche were too dark to post, but if we were in New Orleans any longer I would have gone back.

Bread at Cochon

Rabbit & Dumplings at Cochon

Ribs at Cochon

Drip Affogado bar

I really wanted to go on a ghost tour, but by the time my husband decided on it, they were sold out on all three nights we were there. I was super disappointed, but hey, another reason to go back again in the future, right? Instead we went to Lafayette Cemetery. Apparently this is where The Originals filmed some of their scary cemetery scenes. I did watch that show for a bit but gave it up after a few seasons. 

Tomb in Lafayette Cemetery

When my sister and I got there, a tour was just about to start so we decided jump on it. We learned a lot of interesting facts about the cemetery. It's actually false that New Orleans cannot have graves below ground. They build crypts above ground as a way to make the most out of the limited amount of space they have for the dead. So for instance this tomb here houses an entire family and in some cases up to 20 dead. How? There's a lot to go into, but basically whenever there is a new death in the family, they take the bones of the previously dead and crush them into a bag of bones, literally. They move the bones underneath the divide that you see in the below photo and slide the new casket in on top and then seal the tomb up. Rinse and repeat. 

An abandoned tomb in Lafayette Cemetary

It was a lot of fun spending Halloween in New Orleans. I hope to go back soon! I also can't believe it's November already!! Two more months before 2017 comes to an end. Anyone have any big plans before the end of the year? I'm heading back to New York to visit my family for 9 days for Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see them! It's been 6 long months since the last time, and even longer since I've seen some of my friends.

That's it for now, come back soon for some new reviews. I have a lot I haven't gotten around to posting. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Mmm those beignets look delicious!! Looks like y'all had a fun trip!!

  2. It looks like you had a really nice trip with fantastic weather! NOLA is definitely on my bucket list, but as my husband has already been, it is not at the top...yet ;) I got to spend Halloween weekend in Dublin with girlfriends, and we did a ghost tour which I would highly recommend. I learned a lot of neat facts about the city. Looking forward to some reviews! My ban is over (yay!) so I will have some new Lulu in the coming weeks.

    1. I totally wanted to do a ghost tour. I will have to go back another time. Yay for new Lulu! Can't wait to see what you get. =)

  3. Wow, what a great trip. All your photos are wonderful and I am getting hungry looking at the food. I enjoyed participating virtually in your trip!


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