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Lululemon Upload! October 24th 2017

Small upload this week. I'm really digging this new Radiant Print. I think I must have it if they release it in Align Crop or in the nulux fabric. Nothing for me this week. Anything for you? I just received my Werkshop order for Ode To The Moon print and they are soooooo lovely. I'm super obsessed. I'll have a review up soon!

(Loving this print! Wish they would release this in nulux or nulu. Align crops please!)

(I wish they made these more petite friendly)

Tank Starter Pack (Swiftly, CRB II, Sculpt Tank)
(This works out to be $46 each, or a savings of $26 if you purchased them separately.)

(Another print I'm obsessed with. Too bad I am not a fan of luxtreme)


  1. The radiant multi is pretty! Can't wait to see your Werkshop review!

    1. I ordered both lengths. Can't decide which I prefer!


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