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JoyLab @ Target

A twitter follower of mine recently asked me to check out JoyLab at Target for those who are interested in budget friendly pieces. I did not get to try out any of them on in the fitting room, but here's a quick takeaway from what I did get to see. Sizing is available from XS to XXL. Prices range from $14.99 to $46.99. 

The tops overall werea  very loose fit. I could probably pull off the Flutter Back Shirt, but the quality of this top didn't seem great. I know for $14.99 I shouldn't expect too much, but I do give it points for style. 

Moto Jacket $44.99

This jacket looks super cute but was not at the store and is already sold out online in size XS. For $44.99 it looks decent. I would actually be interested in trying this on if I ever get a chance to.

The Target I went to did have some bras in size XS, but the cups looked really big. I didn't bother trying it on. It also looked like the v neck is too low cut for petites. 

If you're super petite like I am, the full length tights are way too long. The print is very pretty but these would definitely need to be hemmed. 

They only had one pair of capri length but size XS wasn't available so I couldn't see how wide the calves were. My guess is they would bag out. 

Overall, the colors and prints were totally on point. The bottoms are lined in white, which means if they're stretched it would stretch to white at the very least. I didn't try them on, so I can't say if they are see through in a deep bend. Everything looked well made for the most part except for the Flutter Back Shirt. I hope to try a different Target store in the future and do some actual try-ons in the fitting room. 


  1. Cool - thanks for posting about it! I have found that more affordable athletic wear (Old Navy, Forever21, Gap, VS years back) tend to wear out/bag out quickly and to me, the fabric just doesn't compare. That said, I still love them for errands/activities where I know I'll get dirty (kitchen oil stains, dirt yard work, ice skating in case I fall and rip a giant hole, etc).

    1. Totally true. Don't want to ruin the nice stuff with yucky yard work. Not that I have a yard, but I know what you mean. =)

  2. I actually love the Moto jacket and bought it last week! Fabric is stretchy and durable feeling and reminds me of a light spacer fabric. I bought it in two sizes I like it so much so I could have one for layering.

    1. Cool! Now I totally want to try this jacket! Gotta see if I can track one down.


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