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Fit Review! Lululemon Define Jacket in Rulu & Pleat It

I can't believe it's already October! Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend! I got my Lululemon haul in on Friday and managed to take some photos over the weekend. Today I've got two Define Jackets up for review. I ordered the pleat it and rulu version.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and normally wear a 4 in Define Jackets, size 2 in Scuba Hoodies and size 4 in Swiftly tops.

Also wearing Align Crops in Lacescape Size 4

I was really excited to get this one in the jaded color. Jaded is a very deep, dark, and saturated blue. The color is absolutely beautiful. The fit is the same as all my other Define Jackets and true to size. 

The pleated detail adds texture and as you can see in the photo which I've enlarged to its original size, there is a bit of lace pattern there as well. I also like how the zipper pocket blends well into the seams. It definitely works. The price is $10 more than the regular Define Jacket. Is it worth $128 for the extra pleat detail? I'm debating if I should keep it or not. The pleats are only noticeable up close. From afar I think it looks like the regular Define Jacket. What do you think? Is this special enough to keep? 

The rulu Define Jacket is suuuuuuper soft. It's very comfortable and stretchy. I read some reviews where some say this is a size down item. I ordered my usual size 4 because I don't like my jackets to fit too tight. I would say this runs maybe a smidge bigger than the regular Define Jackets. Is it enough to size down? I'm not 100% sure I would say yes. The size 4 fits me pretty well for the most part. The only area where it feels a little loose is around the hips. It also looks a little longer because of the contrasting zipper. It kind of draws a line straight to my crotch, which I'm not really a fan of! 😬

This one for me is an easy return. While I love the comfort and feel of rulu, I do not think this one is as flattering as the regular Define or the Pleat It Define. I would reconsider if they released this in a solid heathered color without the contrasting seams or at least one where the seams are not as apparent.

*I'm looking for some feedback, do you guys prefer the original size photos or are you okay with my normal size photos? You can also enlarge all the photos to the original size if you click on them. Let me know which you prefer! Thanks!



  1. Jaded really is such a beautiful rich color and love the lace pleated detail!! If you love Defines and don't have any in a color similar to this - I would say keep it! Mmmm I love Rulu, so hearing you say it's superrrrr soft is definitely tempting. I'm not loving any of the colors, so will keep my eye out. Thanks for the review! Can't wait to see more! :)

    1. I'm thinking about it... so glad we have 30 days to decide now! I definitely don't have any that are similar to jaded. I have more purples and grays in my collection. No blues. So maybe?

      I agree, definitely not loving any of the rulu colors. I would hold out for something better.

  2. The Jaded Define looks beautiful on you. I actually like the pleats.

  3. You look great in both Defines, really sharp in the pleat it and cozy in the rulu. Hmm, tough call! I am tempted by both so thank you for the review. I decided not to buy more defines since Luon pills so easily and I have so many already. Rulu may be different though. I guess I am not helping you here.

    1. I normally try not to buy solid luon Define Jackets because of the pilling issue. I try and only stick to textured Defines. The jaded is so pretty with the pleating. But it probably will pill eventually. The rulu I really like, but I am going to wait for other colors.


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