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Fit Review Friday! Align Crop, Wunder Under Hi- Rise 1/2 Tight, In Movement Crop Everlux,

Happy Friday all! Is it just me, or does every week seem to fly by extremely fast? This week I have a few bottoms to review. My favorite crop ever is the Align Crop and when I saw the lacescape print I had to give it a try. This is the first pair of Align Crops that are not a solid color. These are also available in Align Pant if you prefer the longer length.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

These fit exactly like my other Align Crops. The waist is very comfortable and sit right underneath my belly button. These are the most flattering crops as far as fit goes for my petite frame. They also fit my calves perfectly. I have small calves. I think they measure about 12 inches around.

As far as the fabric goes for the print vs solid colors, they almost feel exactly the same. The lacescape feels just a little more slicker than my older pairs, but it's almost imperceptible. For me, I'm returning them because the print doesn't scream to me as a must have. I'm hoping Lululemon will release more prints in the Aligns so I will wait patiently for one that I love.

Next up we have In Movement Crop in everlux in mach blue. The length is 19 inches same as Align Crops, but for some reason it is too long and the ankles are loose. The hi-rise is too high for me and covers my belly button. The waist is comfortable on, but for some reason I couldn't get it to sit evenly on both sides of my waist. The right side in the picture below sits higher than the left.

The everlux fabric feels buttery soft. Very similar to how the Align bottoms feel. According to the website, these are made for training and made to wick sweat away. Considering how soft these feel, I would have loved to give them a try during a HIIT session. Unfortunately, the fit isn't perfect so I'm returning these and thus cannot say how these hold up during a sweaty session.

Baggy ankles! No bueno.

Lastly, I've been meaning to try out the Wunder Under 1/2 Tights forever and finally took the plunge. I ordered the color melanite, but now I think I should have ordered nouveau mach blue print instead. 

The fit is very similar to the Align Crops. These have a slightly higher rise than the Align Crops, but I still found the waistband to be comfortable. They fit perfectly around my thin calves. The length is 17 inches and really look like crops on me. I just wish I liked how full on luxtreme feels. Sometimes it can be smooth and slick, other times they feel a little scratchy. Anyone else find this to be true? They're just not as soft as the Align Crops, but they make a nice alternative. If the Align Crops came out with the nouveau mach blue print, I would be all over it. Pleaaaase? 

Perfect fit around the calves!

Let me know what your thoughts are on these bottoms! That's all for me tonight and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. Thanks for the reviews! I always seem to grab for my black Align crop and pant - so while I know I would love other patterns more, I know Lacescape will be a "wear a lot" item I grab for. I still haven't tried Everlux, sounds so nice though! (And man those baggy ankles are not cool.) I like the way Wunder Under 1/2 Tights fit on you, but you could just get butter soft Aligns... ;)

    I keep hearing that Lululemon is rumored to release some candles, notebooks, clutches, etc sometime. Very curious...

    1. Agreed, the WU 1/2 Tights fit really well. But I wish they would release them in some other fabric besides luon family. Aligns are the best !!

      Interesting that they are branching out? I wonder if it means they think there's too much competition to just sell workout related items.


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