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USA / Canada Upload! September 19th 2017

Fall shopping is officially here. Lots of jackets and outerwear in tonight's upload. Who else is excited? If I were still living in New York, I would have already checked out with a bunch of the jackets in my cart. But, since I'm now living in the south, I have to really check myself before I hit place my order. For one, I still have a ton of winter clothes even though I sold a lot of it off. Two, it just doesn't get that cold in Atlanta. Especially since I'm always in a car and there's not a whole lot of walking outside around here. That said, I'm still interested in the Define Jacket in rulu and the Down And Around Jacket. I may try to get myself to the store sometime this week. Did you order anything? Would love to know!

(I really like this and want this but I have zero use for it! 😭)

(Vest is cute too! But again no use for it living in the south)

(This one is cute also, I may give this a try since it's not completely down all around, I don't need it either, but I want it!)

(I totally want to try this, but I'm not interested in any of the colors so far.)

(This is cute, but I don't know about $68 cute...)

(This is pretty cute. I wish I could wear sweaters like these!)

(This is really cute too! I wish they made a zip up version, I would be all over it.)


  1. Love the rulu define! I purchased the gray one and had to size down :)

    1. Wow, good to know it runs big. Thanks!

    2. I am normally a size 4 in everything Lulu but a size 6 in normal define jacket. So I had to go down for the rulu one. It is very stretchy! I think a comparison between the luon and rulu would be great and which fabric is better for fall/winter?

    3. Wow, I wonder if I'll need to size down as well. Hoping to make it to a Lulu over the weekend to do some store try ons. Will report back!

  2. Definitely curious and want to try the Rulu define! Seems like a good weight for the cooler mornings and nights here! And the F&F blue mach print. Luckily it's a priority for my running leggings to have side pockets for my phone and high-rise, this narrows the list down a lot and I'm not tempted to buy a lot of the running leggings.

    1. That's good, save some money. But yeah, I am interested in the Define Jacket most. I want them to release it in other colors though. Maybe I'll go to the store this weekend and see!

    2. Hi hi, to both!
      Firstly, Ms. 'Petite Impact', I realised I don't know your name, please forgive me, perhaps it has been revealed in other posts. May I please get reacquainted? :)
      Secondly, I ordered the RULU Define in the blue, as well as the Run Tights in the blue mach print. I imagined myself in both at the same time and I just couldn't resist!!!
      Side note, both items were shipped from different locations because I received two separate email notifications for their individual shipment. I don't know why. Nonetheless, can't wait for both to arrive!!! Love you, Ms. 'Petite Impact' and hi to Shelley!

    3. Hi, I'm Leslie. What's your name?
      Not sure why they are shipped separately. Maybe one is being shipped from a warehouse and the other a store? Sometimes that happens.
      Let me know what you think of the Rulu Define Jacket!


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