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Fit Review! Lululemon Wrap It Up Sweater Mink Berry, Athleta Serpent Chaturanga Tight, Sleek Sweater Coat

I'm baaaaack! We lost power for about 15 hours from Hurricane Irma. That wasn't the worst part, I ended up not getting internet back until Friday night! Life is really boring without the internet, let me tell you. We tried watching a blue ray DVD for the first time in forever and it told us we needed internet access to unlock the dvd. Whaaaaa? Seriously?! For pretty much the whole week after we ate dinner, we went to bed. 😂 I caught up on a lot of sleep.

Coming out of my month long ban in August, here are my first purchases for the month!

Zara - Skull Tee (old)

Here's my latest haul from Lululemon and Athleta! I managed to snag a Wrap It Up Sweater in Mink Berry from the site. I had to stalk the website at 8 am in the morning for restock. The color is absolutely gorgeous shade of soft pink. The pink really does not disappoint. 

After reading some reviews, many said the arms were tight so I went with my usual size 4 instead of sizing down. The first time I tried it on, I must have been wearing a thicker top and I did feel like the arms were tight right by the seam and was 100% sure I would end up returning it. When I put it on for this photo shoot paired with the anew singlet, it didn't feel tight at all. I would suggest sizing up if you are going to wear anything more than a sleeveless top underneath this sweater. There are also two side pockets with zippers. Initially I thought the zippers were a little strange because it extends all the way to the edge of the wrap. However, because of the way the sweater drapes the zippers are not that noticeable.

The merino wool is very soft and not scratchy at all. I am a little worried about machine washing as one of my readers already said hers puckered at the seams and made the zippers look like they were washed 20 times. I'm thinking maybe I'll go with dry cleaning instead? If anyone else has already washed theirs, leave me a comment! I would love to know how yours turned out.

I paired the wrap with Athleta's High Rise Serpent Chaturanga Tight in silver bells. I own the same tights in black and love them so much, that when I saw them in silver bells I had to have them. These tights look amazing with the mink berry wrap. I can't wait for it to get a little cooler in Atlanta so I can wear this out! These tights come in petite sizing and I'm wearing size PXS. These are 100% opaque and the fit is perfection. The waist sits underneath my belly button and there are no baggy ankles. If you buy these, you will not regret it!

When I saw this sweater coat online, I ordered it immediately. This is something I knew I will love to wear when fall hits. This is a merino wool blend and super soft and cozy. I've already wore this to work and love it. It's long enough that it covers my bum. This is semi-fitted with room to wear a thin layer underneath. 

I like that it looks great zippered up or left open. I'm wearing it with Athleta's Sculptek Skinny Jean in dark wash for a casual weekend look.

The ribbed texture adds a nice touch to the sweater coat. I know all three of these pieces will get a lot of rotation during the coming months. Happy fall shopping everybody! Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Ahhh glad y'all are okay and back up and running! Lots of sleep does sound pretty good right now... :) LOVE the mink berry wrap on you - it looks so comfy and cute, and that color... <3 Silver Bells is such a pretty color too!

    1. Thanks Shelley! I'm still waiting for the day you give Athleta a try! =)

  2. I have the same pink sweater. I love it! I wore it on a recent trip. The TSA agent who checked my id and boarding pass called me "pinky".


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