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Fit Review Friday! J.Crew Merino Wool Sweater Blazers

Happy Friday everyone! It's my favorite day of the week! This week I have for you guys my recent fall purchases for work. I'm always looking for comfortable blazers and it isn't easy finding them.

I didn't know sweater blazers existed until last month! Is this now a thing? Whoever came up with it deserves an award. J.Crew released a few made out of merino wool that are not itchy, at least to me. I love them so much I plan on wearing these to work a lot. Because they're made of merino wool, they are much softer and so much more comfortable than wearing an actual blazer.

For reference I'm a size 4 in Lululemon tops and this translates to XXS in J.Crew or PXS.

This sweater blazer is medium weight and made of high quality merino wool. The fit is tailored but roomy enough to layer for fall. This blazer does come in XXXS, but I think the XXS works well on me. 

I totally love the large pockets. I often keep my cell phone in there when I'm away from my desk. Since I'm the receptionist, there is literally no one up front except for me, so I can't leave anything of value at my desk. Having a pocket is a must. A large pocket? Even better.

The length is long and it covers my butt. The sleeves are a tad long on me, but nothing to complain about. This sweater blazer looks great open or closed. And in case anyone is wondering, if the tights look familiar to you, that's because they are Athleta's high rise Serpent Chaturanga Tights

When I purchased this in black there were only two colors available. Now they just released it in vintage cabernet. I absolutely love the red and it's on my wish list. I think this piece can be dressed up or down. This sweater blazer is going to get a lot of use. I think it is well worth the money. 

When I find something I really love, I tend to buy it in every color. This next one is an open front sweater-blazer that is much more casual, but oh so comfy. My husband bought it for me in this camel color that J.Crew calls heathered khaki. I love it so much, I now own it in heathered coal too.  

This sweater blazer is also made of medium weight merino wool. The sleeves are 7/8 length, but on me they hit right at my wrists. I tend to roll them up a lot when I'm at work. This runs large and has an intentional oversized look. If you prefer it more fitted, I would size down. I probably could have pulled off size XXXS in this case if I wanted a more fitted look.

This is an open front sweater blazer, which means there is no closure. I don't mind this at all since it's more of a layering piece and not meant to be a coat. Of course when it does get colder you can wear this underneath a coat. 

Here it is in heathered coal. I think the heathered coal looks very chic. J.Crew is really killing it this season. These are so comfy I want to live in them all day.


 I'm also eyeing these next!

(looks cute and cozy)

(would make another good work option)

That's it for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Those all look great on you!! Totally cute work chic!

  2. oh wow! these are good quality pieces! Where are your boots from? Love them!

    1. They're old Frye boots but you can still find some on amazon still.


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