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Fall Wish List 2017!

I finally managed to snag a Wrap It Up Sweater in mink berry. It should arrive Tuesday although who knows with Hurricane Irma. I ordered it in my usual size 4 and hopefully it fits! I'm not eyeing too much from Lululemon. I am a sucker for textured Define Jackets and this one is calling my name.

(I do wish it wasn't heathered black though, a nice silver gray would be nice)

Not surprisingly these days I find myself wanting more Athleta items. I really think this vest is super cute and I can't decide between the pebble gray and soft lilac. And the vest comes in petite sizes! 

 I actually have this sweater on the way and will have a review up soon. It looks so luxe. Can't wait to try it on. Now that I moved to Atlanta I feel like I have more use for sweater coats than actual jackets! This unfortunately doesn't come in petite sizes so I ordered an XXS to try.

Out of all the new Athleta leggings, I really love these Serpent Chaturanga Tight in silver bells. I will have a review of these up really soon. 

(My second choice)

Moving on to non athletic clothing, I found a super drool worthy leather jacket from Mackage. I'm a sucker for leather jackets.

(As nice as this one is, for $790 I have to just keep lusting after it from afar.)

Other pieces of outwear that's caught my eye. The next three are from Banana Republic. All of them are available in petite sizing.

(Loving this casual look for a blazer, I may have to order this to try, on sale too!)

(Apparently all the fashion bloggers love this cape. It looks super trendy and I really have no use for this, but it is quite eye catching.)

Moving on to J.Crew, I'm eyeing these sweater blazers. I love that you can wear these to the office and out casually on the weekend. I really love both colors, khaki and heathered coal.

(This one is also very office friendly.)

I'm also digging these two blazers from J.Crew.

 And now onto my favorite, handbags! I'm super into Coach right now, Coach 1941 to be exact. I'm in love with this pink tea rose melon bag. The pink is a salmon pink and it really isn't a fall color, but I'm just in love with the leather and detail this bag has. Burgundy suede inside lining for the pockets make it super luxe.

(This bag comes in two sizes. The regular rogue is the larger size)

(Size 25 is what I prefer, it's a bit smaller and more petite)

(If the melon is not your color, it also comes in a more subdued black with copper hardware that's also really nice and more suited for fall.)

Canvas lining with suede lined pockets. Yum! 

If money were no problem, I would buy them all up! Handbags are one of the items that I will splurge on. It can totally make an outfit look super put together. It's one of the two things I love about fall. Handbags and outwear. That's it for me! Happy fall shopping!


  1. YAY glad you got the Wrap it Up Sweater! Can't wait to see the fit review. The heathered black Define is nice... but it reminds me too much of the Coco Pique on, just darker and more solid.

    Ohhh that Soft Lilac down vest is gorgeous!! Love the leather jacket too but yowza! Peplum never works on me, but the boyfriend twill blazer is cute!

    The Coach 1941 bags are sooo cute! The dinky (lol) brass/chalk color is super cute too! Happy Fall shopping!

    1. I definitely do the most damage during the month of September and October lol. It's a good thing I went on a ban for the month of August. How are you guys doing with Irma? We lost power last night and still no power as of this morning but my office is fine so I went in. Hopefully things are back and running when I get home later today!

    2. I saw! Sorry y'all didn't get power back yet. :( We're good - no power outage even though people 10mins around us did, no damages done by trees. Worked from home yesterday and today.

      Hehe good thing you did a ban indeed!

  2. I saw this in the Coach store today: Clutch In Glovetanned Leather With Tea Rose

    It is so amazingly cute but $300 for what's basically a large wristlet--I just could not. (At least not yet.)

    1. Oh the wristlet is totally cute. I was thinking of getting that, but I have more use out of bags. Trying to make myself wait and hopefully snag one on sale.

  3. I bought the Wrap It Up Sweater in black and was curious how it would wash. I washed it and it puckered at the seams and at the zippers and looked like I washed it 20 times already. I followed the washing instructions. It bothered me that a $160 sweater/wrap looks awful after getting washed once. I'm speaking about the black version. Hopefully the mink berry will fare better.

    1. I got the mink berry but will be returning it. The seam at the shoulder seems kind of tight on me, it's a little uncomfortable and I bought a size 4. Maybe a size 6 would be better, but I'm just going to return it since it was pretty expensive. Sorry to hear about the washing outcome! I would contact customer service and let them know. That is unacceptable.


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