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USA / Canada Upload! August 8th 2017

I just finished my first week on my ban. It's going okay. I may have ordered one tank to try on because I really wanted to at least get a fit review in, in case it sold out by the end of my month long ban. And what do you know, they did sell out in the size and color, so I made the right call.

However I will refrain from pulling the trigger on ordering anything this week. I did end up adding a few items to my cart, but I'll let it sit there, even though the new Vinyasa Scarf is really calling my name.

Did you order anything? What do you think of this weeks upload?

(I'm kinda tempted by these, the color is really pretty but I just don't know if I can pull it off.)

(Wish these came in petite sizing! Lulu needs to take some lessons from Athleta.)

(Speeds or Hotty Hots?)

(This is cute too, but I think maybe in another color.)

(Added this to my cart. I'm a sucker for anything berry rumble.)


  1. The Rose Quartz is definitely pretty!

  2. Eh, Rose Quartz is pretty but a little muted. You have shorts in Velvet Dust, right? That's a cooler color, IMO.

    1. That's true! I do have a pair of velvet dust ones. Now... I just have to convince myself I don't need anymore Vinyasas.

    2. Lol! I was trying to help you on your ban! I don't own any vinyasas...

    3. Definitely worked! Thanks for that hahaha.


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