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USA / Canada Upload! August 15th 2017

It's mid month already! I can't believe it. As far as my ban is going, I've returned the Fast As Light Muscle Tank, so I'm doing well! Hopefully the next 2 weeks will go by just as easily. Although I admit I'm eyeing the new Breeze By Short Sleeve. I am loving the night tide color. Also the Wild Tank is back?!!! Although this tank never worked for me, I love how it looks. And maybe we will see FTBW bras in the near future?!

 Did you order anything from tonight's upload? Would love to know!

(This is indeed very pretty, but I don't think I could pull it off with my short torso.) 

(Pretty color, would love to see more colors like this in other items.)

(I kinda like this!)

(I like this, but not for $78! Although I like this more than Swiftlies since it's a looser fit.)

(I'm really tempted but this and have it in my cart. Love the color. Someone talk me out of it!)

(I am super excited that this is back! Makes me have some hope they will bring back FTBW bras!)


  1. Awesome job on the ban! I'm really hoping the FTBW will come back too! I'm liking the Contour Jacket and especially curious how the Nulu/jacket fits. I am loving the Dusky Lavender color though.

    I bought the Hotty Hot II's in midnight navy at the Ponce City Market store (and got it in an awesome Seawheeze themed shopper bag)! Tried on the new Speed Up shorts and rose quartz color. I like the new fit - but wanted another pair of Hotty Hot II's more so got that instead. LOVE the rose quartz color, especially with my darker skin tone... will be keeping my eye on those.

    1. Ohhhh I don't have anything Seawheeze themed. Even a shopper bag would be nice lol. I definitely get a lot of use out of my shorts here in Atlanta. Not that I need anymore I think I've got over 10 pairs combined. Are the Hotty Hots growing on you more than Speeds now? Agreed the Rose Quartz color would look awesome on you!

    2. Agreed on the weather here. I love the Hotty Hots for walks / running errands, but still like Speeds for runs. Definitely want a pair of Speed Ups. I miss pretty colorful print Speeds... doubtful we'll get any.

  2. I got a pair of Hottys and two new colors of the FTB Serene bras. Don't get that Breeze by Short Sleeve yet!! It's a beautiful color but if the tanks are any indication, it will be around in September after your ban... Maybe even on wmtm!

    1. That's probably true! Which color Hotty Hot did you get?

  3. I got them in heather lux multi black/heathered black. I'm a sucker for anything "heathered black."


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