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Fit Review Friday! Store Try Ons. Breeze By Short Sleeve, Hotty Hot Short Rose Quartz, Contour Jacket

Happy Friday everyone! Managed to get to a store for some try ons. I wanted to check out the new Breeze By Short Sleeve in night tide because of how deep and saturated the color looked online.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

I tried on my regular size 4. I really like the open holes that are incorporated in the top for ventilation. This top is semi fitted which I actually prefer over Swiftly short sleeves. It's very comfortable to wear. As for the color, I'm a little bit disappointed, it doesn't look as bright as it does online, but it's still a very deep and saturated blue. 

I would say this is true to size. I would not size down in this. I've added this to my wish list and hopefully it will end up on WMTM because for $68 it is a little steep! 

Next up, I'm trying on the rose quartz in Hotty Hot Shorts. This is the 2.5 inch inseam and I'm wearing a size 2.

The combination of night tide and rose quartz actually works well together. I did purchase the rose quartz so I can do some color comparisons over the weekend with dusty mauve and velvet dust. I have a feeling it will be too similar and it will be a return for me. The fit is the same as my other Hotty Hot Shorts. This is a size down from my usual size 4 in Speed Shorts. 

I also noticed the color is a super close match to my Highly Meditated Tank. It's actually tempting me to keep it because of the color match. We'll see. I'm trying really hard not to break my ban for this month.

Contour Jacket Pelt Size 4

Next up I also tried on the Contour Jacket in pelt and nocturnal teal. I grabbed both in size 4 which is what I wear in Define Jackets. The fit is actually quite similar to the Daily Practice Jacket and the Define Jacket. It's almost if they had a baby together. 

This jacket is made out of Nulu which is supposed to be super soft like the Align bottoms. I did not find it to be that soft to be honest. This jacket is definitely fitted to the point where it is skin tight. If you're in-between sizes, definitely size up. 

Contour Jacket Nocturnal Teal Size 4

I have a short torso and a decent amount of hips so this jacket covers my bum completely. It's also fairly tight around my hips too. If you have a longer torso, it should be very flattering.

I showed my husband the pictures and he said, "I like it, you look hot!" I'm not so sure I could pull it off. This item is a maybe on my list. This jacket may be useful in Atlanta weather though. 

Sleeves are always too long on me but I'm used to that by now.

What do you think of the Contour Jacket? Yay or nay? Did you buy it already? Would love to know! Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Replies
    1. Hit publish too quickly! I like the darker jacket on you, very sleek!

    2. Thank you! It was time for a trim.

      The jacket is growing on me. Only thing is, if I leave the jacket unzipped it is a tent over my hips.

  2. The contour jacket in nocturnal teal is super flattering on you! I say its a keeper ;)


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