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Fit Review Friday! Athleta

Happy Friday everyone! I'm finally getting over my cold. I've got a 6 mile run coming up on Sunday. I think I'm ready. It will also be the most miles I've ever ran in one shot. A couple of months ago I was pretty sure I would only be able to run 3.5 miles at most, but last week I ran 5.5 miles and I felt okay. I still have not felt this runner's high that everyone keeps talking about and I don't think it'll ever happen for me. But we'll see!

Today I have for you Athleta's fall offerings. I purchased these in July so I'm still good on my ban. Out of these 4 items I'm only keeping one. The rest are going to be returned.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and this translates to PXS in Athleta or XXS.

I have three of these Studio Wraps that I wear ALL the time. I wear these to work every week and I just rotate them. I really wouldn't mind adding a 4th to my collection but this color is the lightest one I've tried and it's also a solid gray and not heathered which means it shows every single wrinkle. Because of this I have to return it. I can't be bothered having to steam it all the time. 

It's a shame I'm returning this one because it is soooooo super soft. It's very cozy and would have been perfect for fall. I'm going to wait until it comes out in another color. Maybe a burgundy or a purple? As of right now Athleta has 7 different colors available but most of them are different shades of gray. 😐

Back is just too wrinkly. 

This crossback tank looked super cute on the website but when I tried it on, it didn't look like how it does on the model at all. The front looked okay, but the back was just a wrinkled mess for some reason. I wonder if I should have sized up in this tank? I couldn't get it to work. 

From the side it looks fine also. It's just the back I guess. Sigh. Another return which is sad because I am really digging this silver bells color. 

Out of the four items I purchased, I was most excited for the Coaster Go-To Sweatshirt in silver bells. It's super soft and just looked really cute in the photos on the website.

I purchased this in PXS and even in their smallest size this sweatshirt just seems too big on me. It's a bit shapeless even though the length is fine. The fabric is beyond soft. I would have loved to have kept this sweatshirt. The back cutouts would have made this perfect to transition into fall. I think if you're a bit taller and just not as petite as I am, it would work. 

 Last but not least, we finally have a keeper with the Pranayama Wrap in silver bells. If you haven't noticed I really love this color. It's the perfect shade of gray with a hint of purple. So pretty! 

Since I was looking for another sweater to wear to work, this one fit the bill. It's a little more casual than the Studio Wrap, but it still works and will be my go to for Fridays.

The back is definitely long and almost hits the back of my knees. The front of the wrap is noticeably shorter with a nice drape. The fabric is super soft french terry and makes me want to live in it. Fit is very roomy on me. I almost wish it was just a tad shorter in the back, but I can live with it. 

That's all for me! Hope you all have a great weekend! If you're new to Athleta you can receive 20% off your first full price purchase with my referral link



  1. Glad to see you are getting well. Great job on the run. I remember the first time I run a distance over 5 mile. Felt amazing 😉.
    I have the same pranayama wrap on silver bells. I adore it!! Super comfortable and a really lovely color!! I too find that it is a little longer on me but it is so soft I kept it for wrapping up every chance I get! I adore the studio wraps too bought them in charcoal and navy. Absolutely one of my favorites!
    Side note the coaster sweatshirt was overwhelming on me too and I am not as petite as you... it also snagged in the first hour of wearing it too. Pretty but not petite enough.

    1. Oh no sorry to hear that it snagged! Maybe you can exchange it or return it? I'm sure they would let you. Their return policy is the best.
      But agreed, it is not petite enough!

  2. Love the wraps! I am off my ban...have made several orders from Lulu in Canada to pick up when I see my parents at the end of the month. I will have to try another month which fits my schedule better! I'm thinking October. I don't think I'll do much lulu shopping in Canada, somehow I prefer ordering the stuff, then I'm sure it's really new, if you know what I mean! I will send you an update when I check out the stuff. I did try the invigorate bra on on in Zürich so I have a couple of those to add form my Canadian orders. It will be my new go-to yoga bra! Also the invigorate tights (tried on in ZH, order in Canada), love them! Hopefully they will be a suitable running tight as they seem to be phasing out the inspire and speed tights. Happy weekend and crush your run!

    1. Ohhh good job on your ban! Definitely keep me posted! I'm still looking for a bra. I don't think I'll ever find another bra as comfy as I find the FTBW ones.

      Thanks! I hope the 6 miles won't be too painful haha. I'm running on Sunday. Which means I'll be sooooo tired after and pass out in my bed to sleep. lol!

  3. Awesome job on sticking to the ban! Thanks for doing reviews on Athleta stuff - loving the Silver Bells color!

    1. Oh, so I only have a pair of Hotty Hot II's (the velvet dust) and the Midnight Navy with tags I just bought. After weekssss of waiting, going to be so annoyed if I detag it, and they release a Boysenberry/dark purple one. :X

    2. Thanks! I still think you should give Athleta a try. Just once!

      Well if they do release a Boysenberry (which I doubt but you never know) just get it too! lol.

  4. Thank you for the reviews! The Silver Bells color looks great on you especially with plum / purple. Too bad the sweatshirt didn't work for you - it is really cute.
    Since you are so petite, have you ever considered buying from Ivivva? They have some cute wraps right now....

    1. I have not tried Ivivva really. I browsed a bit last year but never pulled the trigger on anything because the colors and patterns just looked a little too kiddish for me. But I'll take another look!


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