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Another WMTM Update!

I randomly checked WMTM and to my surprise Lulu uploaded new items. I was especially shocked to see the Train Times Pant on WMTM for $79! I'm a big fan of the crop version and would love to see some make it to WMTM. Maybe next week?

Happy Shopping!
(I love this print too!)

(Dark adobe already on sale? Whaaaa? Does anyone have these? I'm kind of tempted. Also available in black currant and submarine!)

(5 other pretty colors to choose from)

(More Speeds listed, now I'm really worried these will be discontinued!)

(Really surprised this is on sale)

(Two more colors listed)


  1. I already have the breeze by white WU 7/8 pants so trying not to get the train times pants as it's the same print. I can't believe it's on sale as well.


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