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Werkshop Review! Unicorn & Elf Crops!

I am super excited about my new Werkshop crops! I decided to go with crops for both pairs because I realize I do not wear the full length as much since the weather is pretty warm here all year round. Crops just feel cooler on my legs. Having some air movement around my ankles for some reason keeps me cool. That said, I really love how the full length looks on the Unicorn! It was a super hard decision for me, but I think I made the right choice. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms and PXS in Athleta. For Werkshop this translates to a size small. 

Unicorn Crop Size Small

The fit is the same as all my other Werkshop leggings. The very first time you pull on a pair, it is going to be tight. But after a bit, they do loosen up. Compression is medium for me. For the Unicorn pair, these are about 90% opaque. If you're wearing hot pink underthings, they will probably show through. But seriously, how awesome are these? They are the best unicorn leggings ever! Totally pulls at my Lisa Frank 80s heartstrings. Am I showing my age here? 😂

And if I thought I could not possibly love the Elf crops more than Unicorns? 😱 I was shocked to see how flattering the Elf crops are. I think they are very slimming and the artwork is super gorgeous!

 Elf Crop Size Small

My only gripe is the calves are not as fitted as I would like them to me. But again, I have abnormally thin calves. Not a deal breaker for me though. The waist on these hit me right underneath my belly button. If you're not familiar with Werkshop, the waistband is tight so there's always a bit of a muffin roll on me. It just means I have to workout harder!

I am happily keeping both crops. My third choice was Castle and I opted not to get this one but if I'm still thinking about it after my ban is over in September, I will. Oh right, did I mention I'm going on a ban for the month of August? I feel like I've been shopping way too much and need to hit the reset button. I always spend a ton of money during fall/winter clothes since it's my favorite shopping season so I have to do a spending freeze so I can spend more later. 😂

Did you buy anything from Werkshop's Enchanted Forest collection? If so, I would love to know!

Also, if you're new to Werkshop, you can receive $10 off your first order with my referral link.


Unicorn Crop / Full Length


  1. Love them both but I love the elf ones slightly more 😊 also going on a semi ban from 1st - 25th of August 😀 heading home to Canada where I'll probably shop til I drop!

    1. I know me too! So surprised how amazing the Elf ones are.

      Exciting! How long will you be in Canada for?

    2. Two weeks 😊 it's been three years since I've been home so I'm really looking forward to it 😀 I'm going to eat my weight in poutine 😀

    3. Sweet!! That's a nice stretch. Where in Canada will you be? I have some family in Toronto and I've been to Montreal once and ate at Pig's Foot... OMG that place was insane... I think I ate my weight in there and rolled out on a stretcher... =D

  2. WHOOO LOVE BOTH OF THEM!!! Especially love the unicorns!! They both look great with that singlet too! :P

  3. So pretty! I love the sorceress crops, but I also have been eyeing the catstronaut ones from a while back. Decisions, decisions!

    1. The catstronauts are pretty great, but I opted for the limited edition galaxy ones from around that time... can't go wrong with either one!


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