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Fit Review- Carbon38 Sayang Collection! Gili Hoodie & Lovina Tank

When I first saw Carbon38's Sayang Collection, I fell in love with the Lovina Tank and Gili Hoodie. I ordered both to try. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon fitted tops and sometimes a size 2 if it's a loose fit top. For Carbon38's Sayang Collection I ordered XS for both tank and hoodie.

This is a very loose fitting hoodie, even at size XS I felt there was too much extra fabric all around. The length of the hoodie was fine, but the fabric didn't have a nice drape on me.  It looks a bit too bunchy for my taste. Overall, I was kind of disappointed it didn't fit me better because I did love the macrame detailing in the back.

I thought the front of the hoodie looked okay, with the sleeves only a touch too long. I did like the kangaroo pockets in the front, which is why I picked this over the Legian Pullover. I think if you're a little bit taller than I am, it would look much better in the back. Here are a few more photos of the back with the hoodie up.

Close up of the details.

The fabric is light weight. It would be something I would wear out in the summer at night here in Atlanta. As of right now, all sizes in this hoodie are still available except for size large. I'm almost tempted to try the Legian Pullover just to see if that would fit me better than the hoodie.

Also wearing Align Crops in Black Currant.

Next up is the Lovina Tank. This tank is made of the same light weight sweat shirt material as the hoodie. The relaxed fit is boxy on me. The fabric does seem a little on the stiff side which means the drape looks bunchy on me, which is only really apparent on the back of the tank.

Lovina Tank XS along with Align Crops in Black Currant

I definitely think this tank would look more flattering on someone who is taller than me. The low drop arm hole flares out a bit on the sides, which isn't the most attractive. I think if the fabric were a bit softer, it would look prettier. I'm sad to say I returned both. As of right now, the Lovina Tank is completely sold out, but I wouldn't be surprised if some sizes come back due to returns.

For the price point, $78 for a tank is a little steep, but in this case it's worth it because of the beautiful back detailing. However, because of the stiff fabric and boxy shape it looses a bit of the luxury feel it's going for. If you did try out the Sayang Collection, I would love to know your thoughts! If I had to choose between the two, I did like the hoodie over the tank. 


  1. I have less FOMO after seeing your post! The pieces are beautiful, but I also had concerns about the fit.

    1. I'm glad I at least got it out of my system! Otherwise I would always wonder about it.

  2. These do look a little large on you... I love my legain pullover! I am wearing it right now even. The fabric softens after a wash too to super cuddly. Maybe give the pullover a try? I do have to say I am definitely a few sizes larger than you. I bought a medium, normally wear an 8 in swiftly's with a 34e bust and 8 in pants. I am only 2 inches taller but my bone structure, curves and chub might fill in the pullover a little more than your petite body type.

    1. I am tempted to try the pullover... I'll think on it. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so petite and these are one of those times, lol.

  3. I got the Pullover because I suspected the hoodie would be too long. I got the Size Small and though it fits roomy, I think it would drape a bit better. I also got the coordinating leggings and bra and both ate compressive but nice.

    1. Ah, I'm tempted to try the pullover if it's shorter? Hmmmm... I'll think about it...


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