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Fit Review Friday! Sculpt Tank II, Speed Short, Swiftly Racerback Tank, Align Crop, Pushing Limits Crop

Happy Friday everyone! It's super hot and humid in Hotlanta today but I still made myself walk over to the mall after work to get in a quick fit review for you guys.

Swiftly Racerback Bleacher Blue Size 4

I really quite love this bleacher blue Swiftly Racerback tank. The blue is very bright and saturated. This particular color is on the thinner side of Swiftly's and will show lumps and bumps. I try and conceal this by scrunching it up around my waist. Other than that, the fabric is softer than some of my older Swiftly's and I took this one home with me. Fit was true to size.

You will have to excuse the bra back there. 😂😂

I'm pretty obsessed with the breeze by white light print. If Lululemon releases this print in the Train Times Crop I'll be in trouble. Initially I thought I wouldn't like the Speeds in this print because of the gray band, but I realized that my tops will most likely cover the gray band and it doesn't show much at all. Purchased these Speeds to go with my new bleacher blue Swiftly. I think this outfit screams summer time fun! Fit was also true to size for me in this case. I purchased my usual size 4.

Speed Short Breeze By White Light Size 4

Next up I tried on the Sculpt Tank II in the galaxy gray. It's a little bit underwhelming. The online photos of this color is definitely prettier than in real life. The gray is fairly light and a bit boring to me, so I left it behind. I wished there was more purple in this gray. Fit was true to size. I could have technically sized down in this, but I prefer a looser fit around my hips.

Sculpt Tank II Galaxy Gray Size 4

Speed Short Mash Up Size 4

I kind of also like these black & white flowery mash up shorts, but if I could only pick one pair of Speeds at the moment to buy it would be breeze by white light for sure. The mash up print reminds me of the latest Seawheeze Speed Shorts print but better. Fit was true to size for me as well.

 Pushing Limits Crop is super high waisted. These came up way past my belly button. I am not a fan, but these are also made of nulux, and I love me some nulux! The fabric is buttery soft and so comfortable on. However, they are somewhat on the thin side and you can easily sea the outline to my underwear.

Pushing Limits Crop Boysenberry Size 4

At 21 inches in length, these are a tad too long on me and are loose around my ankles. I'm also not a fan of all the seam detail around the waist and butt. These feel similar to the Align Crops but the Align Crops definitely fit me better. Fit is true to size. 

 Last, I tried on these Align Crops in dark carbon. I definitely prefer these over Pushing Limits Crop. These are not nearly as high waisted and the fit is much better around my calves. They are also 2 inches shorter in length.

Align Crop Dark Carbon Size 4

I decided not to purchase these since it is summer time and I'll get more use out of the Speed Shorts than Align Crops at the moment. When it gets a little cooler in September/October I may revisit these. 

That's all from me tonight! I'm super tired and need to sleep badly! Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Love the swiftly and speeds! Good choice 😉

    1. Thanks Sarah! Also received the Athleta Mantra Capris yesterday in the mail. LOVE THEM!

    2. I know right? They are lush! Wore them this morning to Ashtanga, they didn't budge during the entire practice.

  2. I love the breeze by light print too and got them in WU 7/8 pants in full luxtreme. I think the 7/8 pants in luxtreme is my fav length at the moment.

    1. If you're petite like me, 7/8 pants are pretty much the perfect length for us!

  3. Wow you ended up walking in your work clothes?! Ack! The bleacher blue is sooo beautiful and summery! Love how you paired it with the breeze by white speeds! I love the mash up speeds too - might just keep my eye out for any of them falling to wmtm in the future. Gray Aligns are always a nice staple... but don't forget Werkshop unicorns soonish! :D

    1. Yep, I did! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Yessssss I think this Enchanted Forest collection will be amazing! I gotta set some money aside. =)

  4. I love those speeds shorts!!!!! I Almost got the breezy white speeds but realized all my white bottom got ruined from my little monster. lol
    Since I really wanted new summery speed shorts, I got the toothpaste instead. I once bought them and returned. Then FOMO got me to get it again.
    Did you get pink hotty hot?? They loom super cute with all blue tops!!!

    1. Yes I got the velvet dusk Hotty Hots. I'm doing a big Lululemon fit review this Friday. =) I like the toothpaste but went with the breeze by white light. Hopefully they won't get stained. =T


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