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USA / Canada Upload! May 9th 2017

What do you think of the new Royal blue color? I'm undecided. I like it, but not sure how it would look against my asian colored skin. I ended up putting in an order for the new Hotty Hot Shorts in dark carbon and I love the Anew Singlet so much in magnum that I also ordered it in black currant. Did you order anything tonight?

(This almost looks like black to me with a hint of purple. I really wish they would release the Align Crop in Black Currant!)

(This color looks like a thicker fabric similar to my Indian Ocean which I love)

(I have this tank in marvel, and this one is tempting me as well)

(I ordered this to try in a size 2. Seems like Lulu releases one new color in these every week.)

(I would like to try this tank but it's pricey at $64)

(I kind of like this but not the price!)

(I would like to try this bra too, I think it's really cute in the front the way it wraps around)


  1. I happened to visit the store today to return aerial drift speedy and hotty hot in dark forest. I tried some new styles and I ended up gettinf hotty hot dark carbon (love love) and cardero tank. Dark carbon is really nice with any color, so easy to match. cardero tank is only $38 and pima cotton, so I love.
    Somehow i got hotty hot in sz 4 this time. They were little tighter than my preference. I still enjoy sz 2 hotty hot quicksand though. (They have big difference in size and i donno why sz 4 were more comfortable for me this time.
    Lean in bra was pretty but I don't want to spend too much time to figure out how to wear them properly, so passed.
    Lean in tank is cute and flattering but very short!! I couldn't imagine wearing it with any of leggings but shorts only. I may get them when md.
    I also tried sun setter bra. It's super comfy and cute but it wasn't petite friendly. Or not for me. It must be super cute on a person who have longer torso (from shoulder to the bust)
    I gained some lbs over the weekend so I may not pop the tag on hotty hot yet and see how it goes with sizing later. lol

    Im still waiting on align crop in black current and love tank (or any other pima cotton tank) in quicksand (for $38)

    1. Interesting about the Hotty Hot shorts. Makes me wonder if they are not consistent with the sizing with these shorts. I ordered a size 2, and now I'm wondering if I will need a size 4.

      I'm not sure if we will see more items in quicksand. There was nothing new for that color this week. Same for black currant. Which makes me sad! I'm not sure if I'll get to the store on tomorrow, but I'll def pop in one over the weekend if I don't!

    2. Right? I don't see any more quicksand and black current came this week...
      I wish lulu brings some colors!!!!

    3. Exactly! All we get are 50 shades of purple. I love purple a lot but still this is a bit too much. lol!

  2. I really like the new Royal blue color... something about the creaminess of it? You should definitely try it on! The Lean In Bra is super cute too! I ordered 2 sizes of the Hotty Hot 2 Dark Carbon's, Boysenberry Align Pants, and the Coco Pique Black White Define on your recommendation. ;) I have 1 black Align pant and 2 crops (black and black grape). I look forward to getting the Boysenberry and hopefully adding it to my collection. Might need to sell some of my high times...

    1. Creamy is definitely a good way to describe Royal blue! If I see it at the store I'll try it on. I'm interested in the Sculpt Tank for it. That's a nice haul, let me know what you think of the Define Jacket and Hotty Hots!

      I have three pairs of High Times and I haven't been wearing them as much lately either... I'm trying to actually offload some of my In The Flow Crops.

    2. Definitely! I loved the 1 Hotty Hot II I tried on real quick in a store, just didn't have time to try a different size. So I placed my order last night pretty soon after upload, just received the shipping email, and tracking says it's going to arrive by end of day today? Wow so fast. @_@;;

    3. Wow that's crazy fast! I wonder if they upgraded all orders to overnight delivery for Mother's Day.


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