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New York Trip!

This is how I dress for a plane ride. Even though my flight from Atlanta to NYC is a short ride, I like to be as comfortable as possible. I'm wearing my favorite pair of High Times Pant along with a comfy t-shirt and a super soft On The Daily Hoodie. These pieces are pretty old. A pair of old Nikes and I also carry a Vinyasa Wrap in my backpack in case I get cold on the plane.

My mom recently took a trip to Paris & Italy for vacation and bought me this pretty baby! I've been looking for this bag for a little while. It's completely sold out online since it's from fall/winter 2016. This is a Gucci Marmont velvet bag in size small. The color is a really pretty turquoise. I've already seen the new colors for fall/winter 2017 and the colors are not as nice in my opinion. The exchange rate is also really good right now, so she was able to score this for almost $500 less, if purchased in the US. I think I'll post a review up soon! I am totally loving Gucci bags right now.

I arrived really late on Thursday night so the first thing I did Friday was dim sum with my parents! Have I mentioned how much I do miss having dim sum? Dim sum in Atlanta will do in a pinch, but it's just not as good as what you can get in Chinatown or Flushing.

Tripe dish

And of course seafood is something that's also hard to get in Atlanta since it's land locked. I'm sure I could find some crabs on Buford Highway somewhere? 

Grandma's cooking!

The number 1 reason I like to come back to New York is to visit my grandma and have her cooking. It's the best. She's 94 years old and still cooks almost every night, as long as she's feeling well.

She is too cute.

And another reason to come back? Haircut! I still have not found a hairstylist in Atlanta. I'll admit I only went once and it wasn't great, so I'm so scared to try another place! Anyone have any recommendations to salons that cut asian hair in Atlanta?

I didn't spend too much time in Manhattan other than going to Chinatown to get my haircut. The traffic into the city is just horrendous. I don't care what anyone says, traffic in NYC is so much worse than traffic in Atlanta!

Some street art

Sunday night I went to the same restaurant I held my wedding banquet with my family to celebrate Mother's Day. Better late than never! The food was delicious!

This is my nephew. He's pretty cute when he's not being bad. He loves fishes and anything that has to do with ocean life. I told him to come visit me since Atlanta has the biggest aquarium in the world. 

The flight home was kind of nightmarish. My grandma sent me home with about 2 pounds of homemade pork char siu and I got pulled over by TSA. She had wrapped up the plastic containers with paper towels, then covered it with a paper bag and rubber banded and then enclosed in another giant plastic bag. But I got to go home with it!

Then there was a two hour delay because of the rain and then the person sitting next to me kept leaning over into my seat to look out the window. Annoying!
But I'm so glad to be home!


  1. You look great in your new haircut :) Ooh, your grandma is one hell of a cook and homemade char siew is the best! How lucky you are to snag that gucci marmont and please do a review.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm still nibbling on the char siu. It is really good. Will definitely do a Gucci Marmont review soon!! I have to take photos this weekend.


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