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Fit Review Friday! Lean In Tank, Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Aerial Drift, Sun Setter Crop, Wunder Under Shibori Tight, Speed Short Dark Mystic, Wunder Under Crop Black Currant

Happy Friday all! I'm actually at the airport right now as I type this blog post up. I'm heading to NYC for a long weekend to see my family. I can't wait to see my grandma. This is the first time I'm taking days off from my new job and it feels weird. I've worked every day since January 30th. I don't think I've ever worked this many months straight in over a decade.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

Lean in Tank Size 2 and Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Aerial Drift Size 4

The Lean In tank is really roomy. I tried on a size 2 to see and it fit comfortably. Wasn't tight anywhere and it looked fine. I also tried on a size 4 and there wasn't much difference. It was definitely roomier. I think this tank you can go with your normal size or size down. It boils down to personal preference. For me if I were to purchase this, I probably would stick to my normal size because I liked how it was slightly longer than the size 2. 

What really surprised me was how much I liked the aerial drift print. I know it looks similar to other prints in the past, but something about the frayed stripes combined with the blues and grays really won me over. I took this home with me. I'm wearing my usual size 4. The inside of these are lined white. For me these were opaque in the bend test. The waist is high rise but I didn't even mind it on these. They were very comfortable on.

Oh, side note- I finally returned the More Than Modal Pant at the store and they took it back without any problems. I showed them the holes and apparently it was supposed to be a "vintage look" which I can understand, but I draw the line at holes. I was issued a gift card, which of course I spent 30 minutes later. 😂

I actually really like the Lean in Tank, but the price is a little high for a tank. $64, I'm not entirely convinced it's worth the money plus tax. I would snag this on WMTM. The tank is double layered. The fabric is very silky and cool to touch. The midnight navy would be my pick out of the three available colors.

Next up I tried on the Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Shibori in magnum black. I know these have been out for a couple of months, but I never got around to trying them on. I'm not too crazy about the placement on these, especially in the crotch area. 

The fit is true to size. I'm wearing my usual size 4. I admit, I love the 7/8 length. It's perfect for petite gals like me. Even at 4 feet 11, I do not have to hem these.

Next, I tried on the Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise in black currant to see. In person, the color is not as pretty as the online photos show. Maybe it was the lighting in the fitting room that casted a yellow-orange glow to everything, but it was underwhelming. 

I'm wearing my usual size 4. The crops are always so baggy around my ankles, I don't think I'll ever buy a pair of Wunder Under crops because of this. It's one of my biggest pet peeves. I need to seriously stop trying these on.

I was hoping the store had the aerial drift in Speed Shorts for me to try, but they only had dark mystic in my size. 

Speed Short in dark mystic size 4

Dark mystic is really pretty, but there are just so many purples out right now, I think it's becoming redundant, and this is coming from a purple lover! I've read some reviews that the newer Speed Shorts are cut smaller and I found this to be true with the dark mystic color.

They're tight enough that you can see the liner. I'm not a fan of that. It also gave me a bit of muffin top which I'll refrain from posting. The front looks fine but it's definitely tighter across the lower abs. I admit, I'm a bit weary of buying the newer Speed Shorts. This makes me sad. 😭 I didn't try on a size 6, but next time I will. I didn't have much time since the store was getting ready to close.  

Last but not least, I grabbed a pair of Sun Setter Crops. Okay, so I have a major issue with these crops. I know the mesh goes all the way up to the waist on these, so it begs me to ask, what kind of underthings do you wear with these? High rise thongs or something? I actually do not own anymore thongs so I guess these are out of the question for me.

Sun Setter Crop in Boysenberry Size 4

These look so ridiculous! I'm wearing hipster panties here, in case you wanted or needed to know. 😂

Other than that major issue I liked how they fit. They actually hugged my small calves. If anyone actually purchased a pair of these, please enlighten me and answer my question about the underwear situation. TIA!

One of my readers asked for a comparison pic of all the purples I could gather up at the store. From the left in clockwise we have black currant, dark mystic, black grape and boysenberry. Black grape and boysenberry look nearly identical. You really have to squint to see a difference. Black currant is a medium dark purple which is pretty, but can look a little muddy and brownish in certain types of lighting. Dark mystic is probably the prettiest of them all and reminds me of spring. The rest are fall color purples. 

I'm still debating on placing in a small order for the Essential Tank and Scuba Hoodie. I also have a few items in my Athleta cart. I'll decide over the weekend. That's all for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! I may post a NYC recap Sunday night. I'll be back in Atlanta Monday night. 



  1. Your fit review is always so helpful - thank you! The Lean in tank looks cute but I agree that $64 is priced too high. I also think the navy color is the prettiest but ordered white since I NEED a white tank for summer. It is a shame that they mess with the cut of speeds. I only buy them in store now because of the fit and the uneven inseams.

    Have a well deserved long weekend with your cute grandma and family!

    1. The white color is definitely really popular with the Lean In tank. It was almost sold out at the store. I agree with you, it's best to try the Speed Shorts at the store versus ordering online. I definitely won't be buying them off WMTM now.

      Thank you! We are going to head out for some dim sum in a little bit!

  2. You look awesome in the aerial drift pants so I am not surprised you bought it. I have the aerial drift speeds and love mine. I think the size 4 speeds look alright on you from the front view and it may be baggy if you size up.

    1. Thanks! I didn't think the aerial drift would look good on me, so I was surprised. True about the Speeds being too baggy if I sized up. Guess I'll have to see.

    2. Oh guess what? I just got back from the store and bought the aerial drift 7/8 pants after reading your review. I really love how silky and comfortable they are. They are sold out on my country's website so I called up the store to reserve them and bought them on the spot after trying them on.

    3. Yes! Don't you just love them? I should have mentioned how silky they were. It's one of the reasons why I took them home. Glad you snagged a pair!

  3. I haven't tried it but maybe lightweight nude underwear such as the light as air hipster with a long top.

    1. That might work... The Sculpt Tank would probably cover it up.

  4. Great reviews as always! I really like the WUP on you! I have heard that the speeds are smaller, I read another review where someone had to size up 2 sizes. Silly. I have a question about the dark mystic, is it similar to darkest magenta, for example like a lighter shade? Wearing my darkest magenta run times right now :) Have fun in NYC!

    1. Also wanted to mention that Blueberry Jam and Hero Blue were almost identical, which is why I returned my Blueberry Jam Pace Rivals (have the inspire tight in Hero Blue). I just got my Cerulean Blue Inspire 2 and they are GORGEOUS! Such a bright, sharp blue, even my husband loves them :)

    2. Wow someone had to size up 2 sizes?! That's ridiculous.

      And yes the dark mystic is similar to darkest magenta. It's in the same family of purple shade. But the darkest magenta is definitely darker than dark mystic. I think between the two I like darkest magenta a little more. If you prefer a lighter shade of purple than go with dark mystic.

      Cerulean Blue is a gorgeous shade! I'm not usually a blue person but that color is worth having.

  5. TGIF It's your review time!
    Thanks for your review!! Aerial wup is definitely a winner! I really love them on you.
    I agree with the price on lean in tank. While i really like the fabric and how nice airy it is, the price was little too high. I also hope it's a inch longer for my preference. hehe
    So far I think I have only 1 wuc left with me. Rest of them were sold or returned because of the bagginess issue on calf. My last pair of wuc was hemmed into 18" so there's no baggs around calf.

    1. Btw i bought mom crop after saw your fitting review (marvel is such a gorgeous color!! and i had to size up) and i got the marvel sculpt tank today. I now can do marvel on marvel look!!!!
      I also got the highly meditated tank. It was marked down and only size in 6. I wish it was size 2 but who cares, i also like roomy fit when price tag has a purple sticker on~~~~

    2. I do have two pairs of WUC that I got hemmed because I loved how soft they are. I guess that would solve the issue with the baggy calf syndrome. I think it will be few and far between that will move me to hem though...

      Nice! Yes the MOM crop I would have to size up also. Marvel is definitely a great shade of purple. That's probably my favorite one out of all the purples that are out right now.

      Good score on the Meditated tank! I love mine and brought it with me to NYC.

  6. Awesome! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend in NYC and a much deserved break! The aerial drift print looks great on you! Glad they took back the hole-pants without any issues. :P Thank you for the purple comparisons - I definitely love purple and am eyeing the dark mystic energy bra... but really don't need another purple one.

    1. Dark mystic is a pretty purple but if you have it in darkest magenta it will be very similar. I forgot which purple you have it in already.

      I think I'll order some more Athleta, they just sent me a couple of promo codes!


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