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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Linen Criss Cross Tank, Knot Zephyr Tank + Outfits

It's another Friday! YAY! This is going to be a short review, but I also took some photos of my workout outfits for the week, which I'll post after my fit review.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon tops. In Athleta this translates to XXS in tops.

In this outfit I'm wearing Athleta's Linen Criss Cross Tank in oatmeal heather. I absolutely love how this looks and I can't wait to wear it to work. I'm pairing it with Banana Republic Sloan Pants that fit my petite legs perfectly. I wear a size petite 0 in BR pants. My blazer is from Zara. It's a few years old, but I'm eyeing this plush blazer at the moment. It's on my wish list.

This tank runs large. It's very roomy in the body. It's also longer in the back than it is in the front. The hem is long enough that it covers my bum. I found the linen to be fairly soft. I'm definitely looking forward to wearing this top in the summer! I should have also bought it in white, and of course it's sold out in my size. 😢

I also decided I needed to have the beach plum color in the Knot Zephyr Tank. I already own this top in navy and love it. I washed it in cold water and accidentally stuck it in the dryer. The instructions say to lay flat to dry, but it thankfully came out fine. 

 I took a couple of selfies of my workout outfits this week. The Anew Singlet is my new favorite tank.   I love it so much I also got it in black currant which I received in the mail today. It's gorgeous!

Outfit details:
Anew Singlet in magnum
Define Jacket in coco pique
Chaturanga Tight cobblestone gray heather

Outfit details:
Define Jacket in wee are from space

I finally got my husband to take some decent photos of me! I'm always grumbling to my husband how most bloggers have their significant other take their photos for the blog. Agentathletica for one has amazing shots on her blog and I'm always so jealous. I also follow a bunch of other fashion blogs, like wendyslookbook, extrapetite, brooklynblonde, and pretty much all of them have their significant other shoot their blog photos. It's really hard for me to take outside shots by myself. It's almost impossible to be the model, the photographer and the director at the same time.

Outfit details:
Key Hole Tank in dark forest
Define Jacket in dusty mauve
Speed Shorts in dottie tribe

I'm always asking my husband, "Could you puh-lease take a photo of me? Just a quick one and don't make me look short." This time he actually said, turn a little to the side. That's huuuuuge! Some direction! Which is great. And this one actually came out good! Baby steps! 😀

Hope you all have a great weekend!!! To all the mother's out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


  1. Lol thanks for the review!!
    I really like the oatmeal tank from Athleta. I'm putting in ony cart!
    I'm so jealy on your concrete jungle wup. They look so amazing!
    I love your last picture too. Nice job of your hubby!!! I request same when I ask mine to take pictues of me. "Don't make me loom shorter" and of course, he has magical skill to capture me with bigger head and shorter legs. I guess he's doing it on purpose. Lol

    1. Thank you! The concrete jungle is actually one of my favorites to wear right now.

      Yes! I'm so happy he's getting the hang of it. He's only using his iphone to take photos of me, but I can work with it! Tell your hubby to hold the camera/phone at your belly button level. It will make you look taller!

  2. Dood you look sharp!! Love your work outfit and the Athleta tanks on you! Hmm I will need to check out the BR Sloan pants! I've tried almost all rises/fits of Express work pants and they just don't work for me. Haha you're husband totally took a great picture of you!!

    Thank you so much for recommending the Coco Pique Define - I totally love how soft it is! I'm keeping my Hotty Hot II Carbon shorts in size 4. I'm returning the Boysenberry Align Pants and Blue Tied Sculpt II. I love them both - but I seem to reach for Swiftly tanks or 105F's for workouts more (still keeping my Marvel Sculpt II tho). Just having a hard time justifying the Define + Align pants $$ in this weather. Luckily things don't seem to be selling out much I can always pick it up again later. :X

    1. Thanks Shelley! I wore the Athleta Criss Cross Tank with the black blazer today and have already gotten compliments.

      I told you the coco pique is super soft! I wear the Defines a lot. You'll probably be able to use them when you go out at night in the summer? I know, you can wear it when you see Guardians of the Galaxy! Baby Groot!

      I wouldn't mind another Sculpt Tank in another color. Glad the Hotty Hot shorts worked out for you. I'm hoping to wear them this weekend for a workout. I have to do a proper review on them as well.


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