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USA / Canada Upload! April 18th 2017

I know this is already old news, but I'm still posting it since it helps me keep track of what's new. I'm heading to the store after work tomorrow, so if there is something you would like for me to do a fit review on, leave me a comment!

Did you buy anything?

(these actually look really cute, I'll try these on if I see them at the store)

(not a fan of orange in general, but still want this in marvel)

(I decided I need something in black currant and it might be this hoodie)

(I think I may like black currant more than black grape!)

(my interest in this tank is fairly high, the back can be a hit or miss though)

(there's also a good chance this will be way too long on me and will look like a dress)

(I know so many are waiting for these in black grape and it's finally here!)

(I want to try these)

(I'm actually excited about these! Not the color, but the fact that they got rid of the drawstring is awesome.)

(this scrunchie makes me want long hair again)

I have to finalize my Sephora shopping cart after I finish this post. Need to place my order before things start to run out! Happy shopping! =D


  1. I ordered low key tank in dark forest. I heard it's size down item so I ordered sz 2 to see how it works. I just love its color!! I'm also excited about changes in hotty hot shorts. I will look forward more colors on them.
    I received align pant in black currant and it's super cute. I might get them in crop if they come out too!!

    1. I'm holding out for the Align Crop in black currant. The pant version is just too baggy around the ankles for me.

  2. I'm debating if I should just get the Black Grape Fast and Free Tight or hold out for the crop version (if that's even going to happen...) I ended up keeping the Black Grape Align crops b/c they were just too pretty not to. :P Did they ever come out in Align Pants?

    If it's not too much trouble, can you please try on and review the Arise Bra Nulu and T-Back Swiftly Tank please? Interested in both of them and curious how they fit/look.

    It's funny that the Avalon store is so close to me... yet I don't go often. The parking is just such a hassle and by the time I get off work, all I want to do is go home (versus the extra 30mins parking + trying on clothes the store would take me).

    1. Oh and I wish they would have another warehouse sale here. :)

    2. I would think the Fast and Free Crop will come out in black grape, I don't see why they wouldn't, especially if Canada got them. I am actually going to return the black grape Align Crop because they are too similar to my Inkwell. I looked at them side by side and they're both so dark! I'm hoping to get black currant instead. And nope the black grape did not come out in the Pant version.

      Okay I will try those on for you if I see them at the store.

      Too bad the Perimeter Mall Lulu isn't that big. It's right across the street from my office so I'm walking over after work. It takes me all of 10 minutes to get there. haha. But I know what you mean, Jared doesn't like going to Avalon either because of the parking situation. It's so crazy on weekends!

      Yea same here, I wouldn't mind another warehouse sale...


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