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Saturday Shopping Spree! Lululemon Align Crop, More Than Modal Pant, Muscle Love Tank & Athleta Knot Zephyr Tank

Saturday I went to return both Fast And Free Crop & Tight and ended up exchanging them for Align Crops in black grape, Muscle Love Tank and More Than Modal Pant

For reference I'm typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms, unless otherwise noted.

I actually love this Highly Meditated Muscle Love Tank. My husband is on anti-depressant meds and I know some people find this kind of play on words offensive, so I asked him if this tank offended him and he said no, so I went and bought it. 😁 That was really long run on sentence right there!

I also had these photos flipped for you all!

I'm usually a size 4 in Swiftly Tanks, but in this case, I sized down to a 2. I didn't want it too loose on me and a size 2 makes it look more fitted but it's still very comfortable and roomy.

Back shot.

The dropped arm hole shows off a lot of the side bra, as you can see here. It may bother some, but for me I'll be using this tank casually or working out so I'm okay with it. The neckline is higher than most Lululemon tanks but still comfortable. I don't own a lot of Lululemon tanks outside of Swiftlies and CRBs, so I took this one home with me. I think it's time to branch out.

Align Crop in Black Grape Size 4

I'm a sucker for Align Crops and these are a must have in black grape. The color is very dark and it could almost pass for black in certain lighting, but in the sun and bright light you can definitely tell they're purple. One thing I want to mention about the black grape Aligns, they do not feel as soft as my other old ones. They also feel a little thicker as well. The fit is still the same.

I think they look great with the tank!

I'm pretty obsessed with this tank.

Okay moving on! I really had my eye on the More Than Modal Pant since they looked like they were shorter and might actually work well with my petite legs. These are 7/8 length and the inseam measures 25 inches.

I sized down in these for a fitted look. The waist hits right under my belly button. The fabric is super soft and is made out of modal. There is a drawstring to cinch the waist in if you prefer.

The side pockets are a nice touch.

As you can see, the opening of the leg is very small and they sit right at my ankles. I love the fit of these which is why I shelled out $98 for them and would also consider getting them in black. I went with the lighter color since it is going to be very hot here in Atlanta soon.

I can't get over how well these fit!

They are seriously super comfy. Buy these you will not regret it!! 

I also stopped by Athleta, and finally caved and bought this tank for work. This tank is made out of linen. It is super light weight, machine washable and very comfortable.

The twist knot is super cute and very flattering! I'm eyeing it in almost every color, but I want to wear this a few times and wash it to see how it holds up before I buy any more. Athleta is really stepping up their game the past year! 

All in all, I had a really great shopping experience. Sometimes you just gotta spend a little money on things you really love. 


 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here's to another awesome week! 


  1. All of the outfits look great on you! I bought the athleta shirt too - one of my favorite tops. The armholes 'bagged out' (if there's such a word) but after I washing they lay flat now.

    1. Oh really! Good to know. I also tried on the top in two other colors and they seemed to be cut a little smaller than the navy, so I didn't get them, but now I think maybe I should have if they stretch...

  2. Love the way the muscle tank fits you! Glad to hear you didn't find the black grape Aligns as soft either - but definitely still a must have. :) The Athleta tank definitely looks like a good work top.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty obsessed with the tank! I already wore the Athleta tank to work, love it. I'll see how it washes and if it doesn't stretch out too much I will totally get more!

  3. I love the muscle tank expression!! I wanted to give a chance on "namaste" white, but they sold out before I give it a shot.

    1. I can't believe how fast the tanks are selling out!


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