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Fit Review Friday! Sculpt Tank, Hotty Hot Short, Mind Over Miles Crop, Loop Back Hoodie

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so happy that I have Good Friday off. It's my first day off from my new job. I'm planning on sleeping in, catching up on my TV and getting a good workout in. Saturday and Sunday I have adult things planned, like new refrigerator is being delivered and we're thinking about renovating our kitchen. Has anyone ever done that themselves? We're thinking of going the IKEA route.

Anyway, here we go with this week's fit review friday! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

I think this tank is super long on my short frame. It's also a size 4 and fairly loose, I wonder if sizing down would help. My only concern about sizing down is if the tank would still fit over my hips. 

I love the higher neckline. The tank also features a dropped arm hole. The fabric is thin and silky with a mesh panels on the back.  I really like it. I also think it will sell out pretty quickly in marvel. What do you guys think? Stick with the size 4 or size down to a 2? The store didn't have any 2s at all for me to try on.

I don't know what was going on with the store today. There were no size 2s in any of the Hotty Hot Shorts. There were only 4s left. The shorts also wrinkly very easily. The waistband is very stretchy and super comfortable.

Unfortunately, they do kind of look like I'm wearing diapers from the back. 😂 Maybe the size 2 will fix that problem. The store also did not have the shorts in quicksand for me to look at. 

I'm kind of sad the size 2 sold out online in quicksand already. Actually I think all size 2s are currently sold out in every color online. 😖

Next up I tried on the Mind Over Miles Crop in marvel. I'm wearing my usual size 4, but these are SUPER tight. Like, I think I should have tried on a size 6. I could barely get these over my hips.

You can totally see in the picture below my underwear line clearly. I'm not even going to a picture of the back side! 

I kinda dig the marvel on marvel look though.

These crops are supposed to have a no dig waistband, but like I said these were so tight, they dug in. These are also high rise and hit the very top of my belly button. I can't say if these are sheer or not because I was wearing nude colored underthings. The fabric is smooth and these are made of full on luxtreme.  These are very fitted throughout. I would say definitely size up in these.

 Last, I tried on the Loop Back Hoodie in magnum, size 4. The store again, did not have a size 2 in this for me to try on. This hoodie has a boxy fit which isn't very figure flattering, but it's very comfortable.

The phone camera didn't do a good job depicting the color accurately. Magnum just looks like a flat gray in these pictures, but it's actually kind of distressed looking and sort of cool.

This hoodie is light to medium weight french terry fabric. Very soft, but still feels substantial. 

I really like the length of the hoodie, it's the perfect length for petites. Overall, maybe if this was a size 2 I would like it more. I think if this was more fitted, it has the potential to be cute. That said, I definitely don't need another hoodie!

That's all for me! Hope everyone has a great weekend! And if you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter!! 



  1. Awesomeee!! I hope you enjoy your Friday!! I love "me" days! Thanks for trying on the Sculpt 2 tank - I'll have to go try it on. It looks perfectly cut for work gym workouts and nice fit for my "fluffier" days. :P Ugh, hope you find some Size 2's to try on! Those shorts look like they would be really cute on you fitted correctly!

    1. Haha, "fluffier" days! I'm debating on pulling the trigger and ordering the size 2 online. If you go to the store this weekend, let me know if you find any size 2s. I went to the Perimeter mall location and all the 2s were gone.

    2. Will do! Going to Avalon tonight and hoping I have time to swing by Lululemon real quick. I saw blogposts about Fast & Free 7/8 black grape being out in Canada? Maybe the crop is coming soon for us!

  2. Yeah if I see a color in the Hotty Hot then I have to buy them right away or the 2s sell out. The roominess in the bum areas paired with the shortness makes it an easy size down for all the 4s so we all have to scramble to get them, me included. The quicksand sold out in hours and I had to call stores upload evening to get one and even then all the stores sold out of size 2!

    1. WOW! That's insanity. I guess I'll never get one of these in quicksand! =(

  3. I like those marvel on marvel combo. And also marvel on white. I'm sorry that the store didn't have size 2. :(
    I see size 2 in hotty hot sells out really quickly so just buy first and think later!!

    1. Yup now that I know size 2 sells out fast, that is what I'll do. =)

  4. You definitely need size 2 in the sculpt tank. I exchanged the double time tank (love the fabric but the fit is odd) for the sculpt tank in the store. The marvel color is gorgeous so I NEED something in it. I have the same issue with hotty hot, a big diaper butt problem. I will stick with speeds.

    1. Yes, I'm pretty sold on the marvel Sculpt Tank. I only have Speeds, but wouldn't mind another style of shorts to wear. Hopefully the diaper butt problem goes away with a size 2 for me!


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