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Fit Review Friday! Fast & Free Crop, Fast & Free 7/8 Tight Nulux

Yay for Friday! Before I begin with the reviews, I just want to say how much I really love the Nulux fabric. It's buttery soft and it basically feels like you're not wearing anything. That's how comfortable they are to me. Is the extra $30 worth it? I think it is, only if you love the print/color. On a scale of 1 to 10, Nulux is a 10, comfort wise. Nulu also scores a 10 with me. Comparing the two fabrics, Nulux will not pill while Nulu eventually will. Pet hair and lint also cling to my Align bottoms, and they get pretty dingy looking if you're sitting on the floor, or even in bed. Even so, I really love my Align Crops. So much I'm really considering getting them in black grape.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

I own two pairs of Nulux bottoms. When I saw the kindred spirit alpine print, I was super excited and placed an order for the Fast & Free Crop and Fast & Free Tight. I tend to run hot and the Nulux fabric feels cool to the touch. It's another reason why I love it so much. 

I'm wearing my usual size 4 in these crops. The waist is hi-rise. For all the hi-rise lovers out there, these are for you. They cover my belly button completely. The fit of the waist band is very snug. One of the complaints about Nulux is how it tends to slip while running. I'm almost 100% sure that if you go with your usual size in these, they will not slip while running. Even though the waist is snug, I would not recommend sizing up. I would stick with your normal size. 

These totally fit like second skin around my thin calves. I also want to point out the raw hem, which is super cool. There are three pockets along the waistband to stash cards and gel packs. There's also a giant pocket on the side for your phone. The length of the crop version is 19 inches. They are the same length as the Align Crop.

I found the print to be very flattering, however I found these to be slightly see-through in a deep squat. I would say this fabric is 90% opaque. If you end up buying these, stick to nude underthings.

These felt very comfortable on, but because of the hi-rise (they're just a bit too high for my tastes) I'm returning both pairs. Below are photos of the 7/8 tights. The fit and feel is the same as the crops. The length is longer and fit like normal tights on me. My inseam is 26 inches, the 7/8 tights measure 25 inches. The length is absolutely perfect for my short legs.

Overall, I really liked these, but the hi-rise is a deal breaker for me. I felt a little too much like a sausage. I'm hoping Lululemon will release these in another style. I would love to add this print to my collection. Since I'm returning both pairs, maybe I will get the Align Crops in black grape. 😃



  1. Looks super nice on you!!
    I went to the mall today and tried them on too. The price is little over my budget, but I had to get them because they felt so nice and smooth. I bought in black to be safe but I don't like those reflected dots on the front. They look cool for outside running but not for casual wearing nor for yoga.
    And I can't cant recall my husband's face when he saw its price tag. lol I should've remove the tag before he noticed them.

    1. I agree, these are definitely for running or doing some intense workouts. Not for casual wear at all!
      LOL, I bet his eyes went wide. You're definitely keeping them?

  2. Thank you for the awesome review!! If the black grape fast & free comes out, I'll go try them out again and maybe bring one home...:3 Since you ended up returning these, you should definitely get the Black Grape Align Crops (mine arrive today)!! At the least, you have 30 days to think about it. :)

    1. This is true! I'm going to try and hit the stores this weekend. Definitely want to check out a bunch of things I have my eye on. Black grape Aligns are one. I also want to check out the new Speed Shorts. Did you see that new muscle tank Heavily Meditated? It would look cute with the black grape align crops!

    2. Yay! Will you let me know what you think of the black grape aligns please? They feel "slicker" to me than my trusty ole black ones.. but that might just be b/c black ones are 1yr old. The material is the same % as black ones.

      I did! Looks cute but for non-workout-tanks I have enough that have Shiba or food stuff on it. ;)

  3. I actually really like both on you! Hopefully they make a lower-rise option


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