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Fit Review Friday! Anew Crop, Anew Bra, Anew Short, Anew Short Sleeve Tee, Mind Over Miles Short, Hot Like Agni Singlet

Happy Friday everyone! This week I was super swamped at work. So glad it's the weekend! Went to Lululemon after work today to try on the Anew items. But first off, the Hot Like Agni Singlet looks almost like a dress on me. 😂

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically wear a size 4 in tops and bottoms, although lately I've been fitting into more size 2s. I don't think I'm losing weight, I think more of the new styles are relaxed fit.

I'm also wearing the Anew Bra underneath the singlet and in the below picture I'm trying to show how the padding in the bra kind of makes your girls look like they're falling off to the sides. Not at all flattering and very strange. At least now I know that the bra doesn't work for me and it makes me feel better that I didn't snag one in quicksand.

I actually did like how the bra straps show under the Hot Like Agni Singlet. I hope Lululemon comes out with a different style with similar straps, or fix the padding in the Anew Bra. 

Also wearing the Anew Crop in this photo.

I'm wearing my usual size 4 in the Anew Crop. These were a little hard to pull up. The waist barely stretched over my hips, but once I got them on, they felt fine. These are made of full on luxtreme. I found them to be opaque during the bend test and have a snug fit. I would say these are true to size.

The black grape color is very nice, but I'm not obsessed over it. I think black currant is a more interesting shade of purple. 

The ankles were almost perfect! Just a little bit loose. I really liked the laser cut detail at the hem. If I were in the market for a new pair of tights, I would totally buy these. Sadly I'm currently shopping for mainly shorts, tanks, and short sleeves. These are $98 which I didn't think was too bad considering the leg detail.

Anew Short Sleeve Tee Black Size 2 & Mind Over Miles Short White Size 2

The Anew Short Sleeve Tee definitely runs large. It's super loose fitting and I could have probably even fit a size 0 if they made that size. I particularly enjoyed the high side slit that almost rides up to the band of the bra. 

I think the back of the tee looks very feminine and if you have a nice back, this would show it off. This is one of the rare times you'll get to see my back tattoo. Points if anyone knows where I got the angel looking tattoo from!

As for the Mind Over Miles Short  I tried on a size 2 and a size 4. The 2 was a little tight in the waist and gave me a muffin top. The size 4 was better in the waist but too big everywhere else. Seems like I may be in-between sizes or I just have to work on my abs more. 

First off, I have to say I LOVE THE COLOR QUICKSAND! It's sooooo super pretty and even looks fine against my yellow asian skin. I have the Define Jacket coming my way in quicksand and should arrive tomorrow. I'm SUPER excited about it! So glad I snagged one before they sold out in my size.

However, the size 4 in these shorts does not look good at all. The side view just flares out too much and because there's no liner it really rides up gets stuck in the bum. On the plus side, I did find the waist to be comfortable. I just didn't think they were very flattering.

Anew Short Midnight Navy Size 2

I also tried on the size 2 just too see in the midnight navy and while they did fit a little better, I still wasn't thrilled with how it looked. I felt like the size 2 still gave me the diaper butt look. The fabric also seems to wrinkle pretty easily.

Overall, the winner from today's Fit Review Friday goes to Anew Short Sleeve Tee  I'm this close to ordering the black currant and midnight navy. What's stopping me? Tomorrow my semi huge order should arrive and I want to see what I'm keeping before placing another order. 😂 I'll also have the Anew Singlet to try, they didn't have any at the store for me to try in my size. I'm a size 2 most likely in the singlet as well, but I think I have a size 4 on the way. I really want it in magnum. 

That's all for me today! I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of me wearing my new Sculpt Tank in marvel. 

This fence is almost 5 feet tall. Way to make me look like a child!


OH, almost forgot, Lulu updated their website with a couple more new items. I guess they're trying to get as much product moving as they can for upcoming Mother's Day.

Finally, some new Vinyasa Scarves! I'm totally eyeing this gray striped one. The heathered black grape is my second choice. I just wish they had two different sides.

Have an AWESOME weekend everybody! 


  1. Lol you're so right! Feel like you need to add a belt to the Hot Like Agni Singlet and rock it like a mini dress style. :D jk. Good to know about the bra, thanks! Love your tattoo and Quicksand looks great on you! Mmm that Marvel sculpt tank looks SO beautiful!! Of the 3 colors I got... really don't know which one(s) to keep. Can't wait to see the review from your semi huge order!

    I love both the Tonka Stripe and Heathered Black Grape Vinyasa! I'm having itchy fingers to click buy... but I'm not a big scarf person. I have 3 Vinyasas (keep 1 in my drawer at work) and during the winter, I use the other 2 like.. once a week? Dunno, in the winter, def don't need scarf for running outside. All the other times we're just walking from car to (indoor) place, then my body tends to run hot... so no need for scarf. But ahhhh so soft and pretty!! @_@;;

    1. Thank you! I definitely love quicksand. I hope it comes out in more styles. I think you should keep marvel and blue tide.

      I'm the same way, I almost never use my Vinyasa scarves, but I still have about 5 of them. I used to wear scarves all the time in NY though!

    2. You so called it. I'm keeping the Marvel and Blue Tied Sculpt 2 tanks. The Marvel is just beautiful and the Blue Tied (lol gray) is a nice change from all my black/navy/dark purple stuff and just as easy to match!

    3. Hah, that's because those are the two colors I would totally keep!

    4. And based on your previous review, I tried on the Hotty Hot Shorts - LOVE IT. When the II version comes out in a color I like, definitely buying it. Wore my Marvel Sculpt 2 out all day yesterday (to run and errands) and it was so comfortable!! Love the higher boob coverage too!

    5. Yeah!!! I'm patiently waiting for them to make more colors in the new Hotty Hot Shorts. Glad you love the marvel Scult Tank. I'm going to list a bunch of older Lulu on eBay today. Need funds to buy more stuff. haha.

  2. You definitely need size 2 in agni singlet. Anyways it's really long for your short torso!! I'm petite but have regular torso and short legs. I guess that's why it works for me well. Lol
    I'm in love with quicksand too. I received define jacket and im in love!!
    I really like an anew ss on you. It looks so good with your back tatts too.

    1. I'm so bummed my Lulu order hasn't arrived yet. I checked tracking and it says it won't get here until Wednesday. Don't know why it's taking so long, it's usually only 2 days not a whole week!

  3. Have tried the mini go lightly backpack? It looks really cute and more petite friendly.

    1. I have actually. I wouldn't mind getting one, but I'm waiting for better colors. Only see it in the black and dark forest and neither one interests me...


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