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WMTM Update!

Finally some items worth noting. The Back To It Hoodie is pretty tempting. I added it to my cart. The Rising Salutation Sweater looks really nice in the blue color. I'm going to hold off for now.

(Love this color)

(This is actually a cute tank, I'm thinking about it)

(I have a review of this jacket here)

(This I'm actually a little tempted. I tried it on and you can see a review of it here, it's super soft, but not the most flattering. Maybe I'll get it if it drops even more. $59?)


  1. I guess the price for hoodie will drop more. It's getting around 75-80 now in LA so cozy outerwear is out of my wishlist. I need breezy tank tops!!
    I was tempted to get crb2 in blue denim but I know i shouldnt get form fitted tank in light color because my bp shows. :(
    I got the embodiment tank in dark crome color. It's super cute and nice details on it. I might want in another color.
    I wonder how kicking asphalt 1/2 zip fits. I liked other cropped top (i guess it was hill and valley mock ls) and if they fit same, I'd like to order one!! (But please drop the price more!!)

    1. Wow is it already that hot in LA? It's still in the 60s here in Atlanta. But I know the heat will come here very soon. I was looking at the embodiment tank too, do you know if it runs true to size? Or size down? I also like the Sole Training Tank that's also on sale in the white and black. I guess I have to go back to the store and see how they fit.

      If I see the Kicking Asphalt 1/2 zip I'll try it on.

      I'm actually debating on selling my CRB collection... I hardly wear them anymore because of how long they are and the low neckline. I think I want to switch over to looser fitting tanks in my old age... haha.

    2. No~~!! We are still young to wear fitted tank!!! But choosing perfect neckline is so hard since we are short. I also have love&hate relationship with crb. I sold most of them and keeping only my favorite colors; olive green, burgundy, and black.
      There are nice flowy room in middle part on embodiment tank. I wouldnt size down especially for this kind of thin material though.

    3. Haha, the neckline is always tricky on us short people. I think I have 5 CRBs left will probably sell a few more. Thanks for the tip on the Embodiment Tank. I will stick to my usual size 4 then! I hope I like it! Getting it in the chrome color as well.


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