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Major Fit Review Friday! Athleta Studio Wrap, Eco Wash Daily Tank, High Rise Jacquard Chaturanga, High Rise Prism Chaturanga, Knot Zephyr Tank, Stronger Hoodie

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have for you a ton of Athleta reviews and about 30 photos. 👀 So get ready for a really long post. I'm also breaking this post up into three sections.  The first photo shoot was back in January before my ban. Last weekend I went to an Athleta store and did some store try ons.  I also placed an order for more items, so these photos are in chronological order.

First we have the Studio Wrap. I've blogged about this wrap before and I love it so much I decided I had to have it in black also. You can check out my review of the Studio Wrap here.

Studio Wrap Black XXS

Quick recap, I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and this translates to an XXS for Athleta. For bottoms I'm a size 4 in Lululemon and PXS in Athleta. 

This wrap is so comfy and super soft. It's literally my favorite piece to grab for. I'm also wearing my Align Crops in alberta lake. I think it's perfect to wear with the Studio Wrap. The combination of these two items makes me feel like I'm at a spa! This is the most comfortable outfit I've ever put together.

Really nice drape.

This is a rare photo of me dressed up! The below photo was taken during my lunch hour. I set my iPhone up with a 10 second timer and propped up on a ledge. Not too shabby. The Studio Wrap looks really great for a work cardigan. With some skinny pants and wedge heels it looks very professional. 

The pants I'm wearing are old J.Crew pants, but I've found an even better pair from Banana Republic and they're on sale! Meet the Sloan pants! If you're petite like me this style is really flattering. The wedges are Cole Haan Tali Wedge.

This tank is also a piece I wear to work often under my cardigans. The fabric is thin but very comfortable. I wear this tank tucked into my pants. If I'm wearing it with leggings I leave it untucked so it covers my bum and I'll also wear a long cardigan over it. 

I think it looks really flattering from the back. I could have gotten this in the XXS but it was sold out in that size so I took a chance with the XS and luckily I think it still works well. 

 Now, we will take a break from the photo shoots in my condo for a store visit! I tried on this really great linen tank.

I found this to be super flattering. Works well with jeans and I'm definitely sure I could also wear this in the summer for work. The linen isn't too soft but I didn't find it to be scratchy like some of the reviews I read online. 

The price is $49, so I'm going to wait until I can use a coupon to buy this. I really want it in three colors!

Cuuuuuute right?! I'm wearing Diesel Jeans. They are super old but I found a similar pair here. It's the same style, but different wash.

 I had really high hopes for these, but there are two things that need to be corrected. First off, these are not available in petite sizing so I get the baggy ankle syndrome. Second, these are majorly see-through.

Baggy ankles! 

If you look super close you can see what I'm talking about it being see-through. 

On a positive note, I can say these capris are super comfortable. The fabric is amazingly soft and it really reminds me of how comfortable my Align Crops are. Unfortunately these are an easy pass for me. 

Next we're back at my condo for a second photo shoot! I ordered these leggings and I'm on the fence. They look great on me. The fabric is soft, they're jacquard and very pretty when the sunlight hits them. Definitely comfortable to wear, but I just have so many leggings, that I'm unsure if these are special enough to make the cut.

They fit perfectly like a glove. I'm wearing size PXS. The length is perfect. They're even on sale! 

Very flattering from the back.

Hits just below my belly button.

I'm wearing it with my Scuba Hoodie and Cool Racerback

What do you guys think? Keep or return them? Let me know! I can't decide for the life of me!

When I saw this online, I definitely wanted to order it to try. This hoodie is very fitted and flattering. It's comfortable and has thumbholes. The length hits at the lower hip and covers my bum completely.

I definitely think this is more flattering than the Scuba Hoodie. Especially the latest version. The fabric is soft and I would say mid weight. I would wear this for 50-60 degree weather. 

This is reminiscent of motorcycle style with the shoulder details. I'm a little unsure of the color though? It's definitely green mixed with gray. I'm not 100% convinced it works with my hair and skin tone. Any opinions on this?

I'm wearing the hoodie with one of my favorite Werkshop leggings, Onyx. I really like how it accentuates my waist from the back.

That's all for me today! Hope you all have a great weekend! If you're new to Athleta you can receive $20 off your first order over $100 with my referral link



  1. Keep the chaturanga jaquard! They look great on you. I have them and they are my go to pants for everyday use. I get so many compliments too!

    1. I'm leaning towards keeping the chats and returning the hoodie. Thanks for the input!

    2. I agree 😊 I like the hoodie, but perhaps a different colour

    3. Yup, I decided to return it and wait for something that I like more.


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