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Fit Review Friday! Tie It Up Singlet, Define Jacket, NTS Jacket, Wunder Under 7/8 Tight Hi-Rise

Double post tonight! I went to Lululemon twice this week. First visit I tried on the Tie It Up Singlet and the Define Jacket in coco pique.

For reference, I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms. However in the Tie It Up Singlet I can fit into the size 2.

This tank is made of Seriously Light Luon and Silverescent Technology. I love the combination of the two. The fit is relaxed, however, the thin fabric can be somewhat clingy in places. You can also tie it in the back, but I couldn't get it to work for the life of me! Right now they have two colors on WMTM for $39, I'm thinking about it.

In Swiftly Racerbacks I'm a size 4, here I sized down to a size 2.

 Next, I could not pass up trying on the Define Jacket in coco pique. Once my hands felt how soft it was, I knew I was in trouble.

I'm wearing my usual size 4. It is fitted but not too tight. Because of how soft the fabric is, it's a bit stretchy. I took this home with me to add to my growing Define Jacket collection! 

I'm also wearing my Alo Yoga leggings (old).

This is super soft and I love that it's textured.

I'm actually digging this outfit a lot.

On my second visit to Lululemon this week, the store finally got the NTS Jacket in. I ordered the NTS Jacket in a size 4 after reading reviews. Most reviews said the fit was true to size. However, the size 4 is super roomy. I knew right away that a size 2 would have been much better.

NTS Jacket Size 2

I had a hard time with the zipper on this particular jacket. The zipper pull is very thin and made it hard to get a good grip on. It definitely looked better zipped up versus left open. 

The fabric is on the stiff side, and because of that the drape wasn't flattering. The back of the jacket looked bunched up. The collar is also very stiff and it kept hitting my throat.

(The little bump on the right of the jacket is from the alarm sensor)

Unfortunately, the unflattering fit and zipper pull frustration made this one an easy pass. This one is off my wish list! I think for those who may be a little taller than me, it might work better in terms of fit. 

I really wanted to see the new Inspire Tights in the new print but they did not have it yet. I'll go back again next week. I'm not surprised that they're already sold out in most sizes online. The store did however have it in the Wunder Under 7/8 Tights. This is the first time I'm trying this style on.

I'm wearing my usual size 4. These are made of four way stretch Luon and the feel is very soft and cottony. They felt very comfortable on, but the high rise was just a tad too high for my tastes. It covers up my belly button and it always makes me feel a bit like a sausage. 

However, they are super flattering for the bum. Either my butt has gotten bigger and perkier or it's the tights. I think it's somewhat of an illusion. Hah!

The length is great. They fit similar to the High Times Pant. Although I passed on these, I'm holding out for the same print in the Inspire Tights. I hope the stores will get those soon!

These passed the bend over test!

I'm actually quite excited about this print. I wonder when they'll be released!

That's all for me! YAY for Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 



  1. What size are the alo leggings you're wearing? I heard they ran smaller than most alos.

    1. I fit an XS in those. I have a review of them here:

  2. YAY! thanks for the review!! I'm sorry NTS jacket didn't work for you. I was excited for this jacket too but I easily erased it out of my wishlist after your report.
    I like tie it up singlet. Since I prefer higher neckline, I got Hot Like Agini singlet instead. They fit the same but different neckline.
    I love my arrow jacquard wup. They are just too cute.
    I like it in inspire but not for me. I noticed when there are busy seams on the legging, it doesn't work for my short legs. lol

    1. The Hot Like Agini Singlet is a little too high of a neckline for me.
      I agree that the Inspire Tights might not work on me either, but I always like to give things a try in the off chance that it does work!

  3. I have the coco pique define too! I couldnt resist its softness either :X plus its one of the few items that still came with a metal zipper vs the plastic ones they have downgraded to lately

    1. True, I forgot about the plastic zippers. I wonder why some are metal and some are plastic.

  4. Gah! The NTS jacket in every color was on my wishlist but it looks like I'll have to get into a store for a try on. Hopefully I can cross it off my list too and save some money!! Thanks for the reviews as always!!!

  5. Love the coco define, but I already have the herringbone. Btw I got the step to it jacket and it's going back. Really nice jacket but it is a size down item and you can't remove the hood.

    1. Will you try the jacket in the next size down?

      I have the herringbone also, but I love coco pique as well! Also the herringbone seems to be a tighter knit and not as soft as this one.

  6. Probably not 😐 it's too heavy for a lightweight running jacket imho. I could be tempted to add the coco to my define collection 😀 I love the textured ones!

    1. I would definitely see if you can check it out in person. I'm sure it will win you over!


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