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Fit Review Friday! Effortless Jacket, Align Crop, Sole Training Long Sleeve, Wunder Under Tight Hi-Rise Nulux

Happy Friday all! I stopped by the store after work today to see what new items they had. The NTS Jacket is still no where to be found! I may have to just bite the bullet and place an order for it online. I'm leaning towards the heather gray, but I also really like the midnight navy color. I like the gray because of the contrast black seams at the pockets and black zipper, but I also really like the midnight navy because it looks very classic.

Unfortunately the Reveal collection did not hit the stores yet. Sorry Yoginitiff! The store did have the Sole Training Long Sleeve Top. I'm wearing my usual size 4. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

I don't normally buy tops from Lululemon because of how they tend to be too long for my short torso and all the extra fabric bunches up around my hips and waist. This top however runs on the boxy side and isn't too long on my frame at all. 

Because of the boxy shape, the top is somewhat shapeless. The top falls straight down to my hips and from the side it makes me look wide. If you're looking at it straight on, it looks fine. It's very comfortable and loose. The blue is very pretty, it's more of a turquoise/peacock blue. These photos do not do it justice. 

The material itself is kind of slinky. I really liked the detail at the cuff of the sleeves. It is lined with a dot mesh. The same is true for the hem of the shirt. I think I pretty much look the same as the models do on the website. For $88 I don't love it, but at the same time I'm pleasantly surprised at the fit.

Next I'm pairing the top with the Align Crop in blue tied. The color is actually more of a gray with a hint of blue. The gray is a medium to dark gray. It's actually a pretty shade of gray. If I didn't already have 3 pairs of Align Crops, I probably would have been more tempted. Align Crops are one of my favorite leggings.

Align Crop Blue Tied

I'm wearing my usual size 4 in these and the fit is perfect. I found these to be opaque in the bend test. I'm pretty sure these will eventually sell out. I don't think I've ever seen Align Crops hit WMTM.

Next up we have the Effortless Jacket. This jacket is really not my style, but Yoginitiff asked for a review. I'm wearing the jacket in a size 2. I think you can safely size down in this. The cut is very boxy and loose fitting.

The jacket is super wrinkly. It definitely has a crumbled up look. Not sure why that is. The material itself is on the stiff side. It's very boxy and shapeless. I don't think it looks flattering on me at all. 

On the other hand I really like the Wunder Under Tights here! More on the later.

The collar comes up really high, it almost reaches my nose! For the price, I would much rather spend the money on the NTS Jacket. Which I think I'll place an order for once I figure out if I like the gray or navy more. Help me decide which color to order!

If you're looking for comfort, this definitely fits the bill. There's also plenty of room to layer. I'm willing to bet that this jacket will end up on WMTM. It just doesn't look anything special to me. 

Lastly, I paired the Effortless Jacket with the Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight in Nulux. The new concrete jungle print didn't look that interesting to me online, but in person I think it's actually so much more awesome. The blues are really vibrant. The inside of these are lined white, so there is a little bit of white that comes through during the bend over test, but they are not see-through.

I'm wearing my usual size 4 and the fit is almost perfect. The only complaint I have is the length. It's a shorter length than the previous version, but still too long on me. Not enough for me to hem, but it bunches up just a little bit around my ankles. 

The photos really don't show the vibrant blues, here they look a bit washed out. I'll have to try and take better photos back at my condo for you all. Yes I bought this!! I'm a big fan of Nulux. I just find the fabric to be super comfortable to wear. I haven't had a problem with my other pair rolling down, but maybe I just haven't worn them enough. I hear they stretch out at the waist. I'm hoping this doesn't happen to me. 

For $98, I feel like this is almost a steal for these leggings considering I paid $128 for my other pair. I hope you all have a great weekend! That's all for me! What do you think of these items? 



  1. Thanks for trying in the l/s sole training shirt! Looked good in you. I'm trying to decide in that shirt or the l/s smooth stride shirt. Both in white. I like the nuulux pants on you. Good thing you bought it at $98! Heard they changed it back to $128 ��

    1. The Stride shirt is nice, that one looks like it will give you more of a shape.

      I just saw they raised the price back to $128 for the Nulux tights! That's crazy, so glad I got it for $98.

  2. I love you.
    I check the inventory on reveal ls / tank everyday and I guess they only released online whatsoever.
    While everything else is just blah, that concrete jungle is real cute on you. (Much better than the modeling pic on lulu website). I noticed they raised the price from 98 to 128 and I kicked myself for not ordering them online yesterday. lol
    Thanks for confirming the color on blue tie too!!
    You are the best <3

    Btw, how do you like leggings from Athleta so far?
    I really like some of them but I noticed there are some extra fabric sticking out on the middle of gusset area after stretching them and it looks embarrassing. I have returned 2 pairs for the reason.

    1. I totally lucked out with the concrete jungle tights, so glad I bought them for $98 instead of hoping for WMTM.

      I guess some items are sold online only. I'm going to order the NTS Jacket to see. I think I can get away with the size 2. Maybe I'll just order both navy and gray and return one. I just hope I won't like them both!

      I love the Athleta leggings so far, I have not experienced the extra fabric like you have but I'll definitely keep an eye out for it now that you've brought it to my attention. Which leggings did that happen? I wonder if I have them too. At least Athleta refunded you! Did you have to bring them the original receipt?

    2. It didn't happened on chats but on some winter leggings. They refunded full with the receipt. Unfortunately i lost a receipt for a pair and they only refunded sales price at the time I returned.

      I really like both grey and navy for nts jacket. It's so hard to decide since they are all cute.

    3. Oh wow, I guess I have to keep all my Athleta receipts from now on just in case! Good to know. I've been throwing them away...

      I went with the gray for the NTS jacket! I'll post a review when it arrives. I stopped by the Lulu store again to see if the price of the Nulux Tights went up to $128 and it was still $98 at the store if you want to try and call them. They ship for free. It's the Perimeter Store in Atlanta, GA. Or maybe the store near you has them for $98 too!

  3. Love the concrete jungle print, but I definitely don't need any more leggings right now...just ordered another pair of speed tights from WMTM (and the Step to it jacket, will share photos when it arrives). I really don't like the effortless jacket. Saw it at the London Regent store (which is beautiful btw) and my husband was like 'wtf is that???'. Honestly I am not a fan of the NTS jacket, but I think you could pull it off...would look super cute on your petite frame! I prefer the grey. Happy St. Paddy's!

    1. I definitely don't need anymore leggings either, but I did sell a few pairs on ebay. This weekend I'll see what else I can part with.

      Looking forward to your photos of the jacket! So jealous you got to go to the London Regent store. It looks amazing from the photos I've seen online.

      Agreed with you on all counts regarding the Effortless Jacket. It's really not flattering at all.

      I pulled the trigger and ordered the NTS Jacket in the gray. After reading some reviews I decided to order my regular size 4. Hope it fits!

      Happy St. Paddy's to you too!

  4. I was wondering how the concrete jungle print looked in person. I keep thinking of that Jay Z song when I see concrete jungle.

    Did you happen to see anything in blueberry jam? I was wondering how bright it is?

  5. Hah, Empire State Of Mind also goes through my head whenever concrete jungle comes along. It's a great song. I love Alicia Keys when she sings the chorus.

    I did not see blueberry jam yesterday but I did see blazer blue and I think that's very pretty if you're looking for a pop of color.


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