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Fast & Free Crop Kindred Spirit Alpine

I'm really excited about these crops. The fact that they are made of Nulux makes me even happier! I wonder if they will release this print in the WU Tight. I would love to get the crop version for summer but I have to see if the calf opening will fit me. I also wonder if they will cost $128. Since they're crops, I would hope it would be less. Maybe $108?



  1. I'm really excited about these crops too, hoping they're $98 :X! Probably going to get them in good ole black. I'm always on the hunt for high-rise crops w/ iPhone pockets on the thigh for running and I don't have anything in Nulux yet. What's your experience with Nulux? Thanks!

    1. I hope they're $98 too! But knowing Lulu I bet they will be over $100. The ones I got so far in Nulux are not for running. Both of mine are WUP and they're designed for yoga or training. I've used mine for mainly training or if I'm just doing cardio I go on the treadmill and I just walk fast at a high incline, and that's been fine. I did try them for running just to see if what I've read has been true, that they slip down and unfortunately that has been the case for me too. The fabric is super slick and the compression is light. But the Fast and Free Crop is made for running so I assume that means these won't slip down when running? We'll see!


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