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New Popflex Dark Blooms & Werkshop Tanks!

Popflex released more items from their dark blooms collection on Tuesday. My favorite is definitely the Pop Short 2.0. I mean how lovely is this print? This is right up my alley. Totally on my wish list! 

For those of you not on a ban, I'm typically a size 4 in their shorts. It's similar to Lululemon sizing. At least for me.

You can also check out their other new items on their website

Werkshop also just launched new tank tops for women and men! I'm only showing photos of the women's tanks since I don't think I have many male viewers, but in case you do want to buy something for the man in your life, check it out here.

What do you think of the Werkshop tank? They are made out of micro mesh fabric that's super light weight. My two favorites are Flames and Dark Sugar. I'm not totally sold on them because of the v-neck. I think it may be too low cut for my petite frame.

Also you can receive $10 off your first order if you're new to Werkshop with my referral link.

In other news, day 8 into Frugal February! How is everyone doing? I did end up ordering a couple of pairs of pants for work. I don't think that counts though because I actually need work clothes. I haven't bought any new work clothes in a couple of years at least. Other than that, so far I'm doing okay. Only 20 days left to go! 


  1. I am going to have to have a frugal march. I have too many problems trying to do this on my birthday month, with all of the sales... Not sure how you do it! I think work clothes are a necessity so they do not count. Can't go to work naked, I'm taking a wild guess you are not a stripper on the side... LOL. I guess, they need outfits too!

    1. I like February because it's the shortest month of the year! True about the sales, but I just have to not let myself look! But if March is better for you, go for it!

      LOL about the strippers...

  2. The only unnecessary shopping I've done is for a bottle of nail polish, so I'll call that a win! :) Helps that I have had some super delayed packages arrive finally so I still feel like I'm getting new stuff. Nice work to you too - work pants are definitely a necessity. I like the Flames and the Juliet tank, but I find myself always reaching for plain tops to go with my crazy bottoms. Those are super fun though!

    1. I have a pretty big collection of nail polish myself! I probably have around 40 bottles. Waaaaay too many. I do agree with you there, I'm always reaching for my Swiftly tanks 100%! Keep up the good work on your ban!


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