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UK and Australia Upload! Jan 9th 2017

Couple of things I really like.  I definitely want the Swiftly Tank in indian blue. The new WU have me interested just wish they weren't hi-rise. I also like the Hot like Agni Crop.

(I definitely want this in Racerback)

(I like the color but not the mesh)

(this is actually a pretty pop of color)

(Interesting not sure I like it though but I think this is Nulux?)


  1. Gasp Align Pant in Darkest Magenta! Hope it's the same as the crops!

    1. Totally thought of you when I saw those! Hope the US gets them. I really want that Swiftly tho.

    2. Hmm with the Blooming Pixie High Times and if I get the Darkest Magenta Align Pant...might need to sell my Black Grape High Times that I barely wear. The swiftly color looks gorgeous!!

    3. I'm always up for selling, so go for it! With the ombre melange WU I bought I ended up selling a pair of High Times I don't wear as much.

  2. Replies
    1. I tried on the Speedy Crops last year and it gave me the baggy ankle syndrome, but I'm willing to try them on again to see.


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